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Federal Ministry of Justice complains of budget constraint

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – October 26, 2023 (BORKENA) – The Federal Ministry of Justice disclosed yesterday that it has encountered a shortage of budget resources this new Ethiopian budget year, sources said.

The Ministry said in its first quarter of the 2016 Ethiopian Fiscal Year plan implementation report it has presented to the Standing Committee of Law and Justice Affairs at the House of peoples’ Representatives.

Minister of Justice, Gedion Timotios, stated on the occasion that there was no budget increment in the approved allocation of the current Ethiopian Fiscal Year. “Due to the budget constraint, many of the activities being carried out by the Ministry have been affected,” he said.

Gedion stressed that his Ministry has faced a significant budget deficit. “This is a major obstacle  we have encountered to manage prisons,” he said.

He stated that the budget constraint has affected the projects that are being undertaken jointly by the Ministry of Justice and the respondent institutions including the ongoing construction of prison centres.

The Minister of Justice said that supervision is underway on the implementation of existing projects in Addis Ababa and Zewai prisons including the Aleltu Police Training College. Gedion further said there is a plan to get support from donors to solve the problem.


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