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Gebisa Ejeta awarded National Medal of Science to the Ethiopian-born

Gebisa Ejeta - National Medal of Science
Gebisa Ejeta was awarded the United States’ “National Medal of Science” (Photo source : BBC )

U.S. Embassy, Addis Ababa
Press Office

The White House – Yesterday, President Joe Biden awarded the National Medal of Science to the Ethiopian-born distinguished professor of plant breeding & genetics, Dr. Gebisa Ejeta, for his outstanding contributions to the science of plant genetics.  By developing sorghum strains that withstand droughts and parasites, Dr. Gebisa has improved food security for millions.  His advocacy for science, policy, and institutions as key to economic development has lifted the fortunes of farmers and strengthened the souls of nations. The National Medal of Science is the highest recognition the United States confers upon scientists.


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  1. Subject: “Gebisa Ejeta awarded National Medal of Science to the Ethiopian-born”, October 25, 2023

    a) Congratulation, Dr. Gebisa Ejeta,
    b) You are humble pride to all of us — Black Africans in general and Ethiopia in particular.
    c) Needless to say you have a long way to go with Ethiopia, and Black Africa in general.
    d) Go ahead; the steering wheel is on your hands
    e) And It does not hurt to also wish you good LUCK.
    f) We need it from time to time.
    g) I have nothing else to write.
    ——————THAT IS ALL —————–

  2. Thank you dear editors for posting this uplifting news. This one and the other one about a young Ethiopian scientist, Heman Bekele who invented a soap for treating skin cancer are a double whammy news in the same week that will do good to treat our battered mood in light of one report of killing and destruction after another in the old country.

    Congratulation scientist Obbo Gebisa Ejeta!!!


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