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Civil servants on strike in Badwacho Woreda, Hadiya Zone of Central Ethiopia Region 

Hadya Zone Hosaena
Hadya zone administration seat – Hosaena (Photo : Public Domain)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Deutsche Welle, Amharic service, reported yesterday that the health professionals and teachers in East Badwacho Woreda, Hadiya Zone of Central Ethiopia Region have been on strike for salary payment. The civil servants who have not been paid salaries since last July 2023 have stopped going to work for the last two weeks, according to Deutsche Welle.

Residents of East Badwacho Woreda of Hadya Zone told Deutsche Welle that they have expressed their distress due to the disruption of medical and education services across their Wereda. “Teachers and the health professionals are not giving the service because they have not been paid.  Because of this, school-aged children are forced to stay at home, out of school. Sick people have also not been able to get medical treatment,” the residents said.

Residents said that the services in government institutions in Woreda have been disrupted until now due to the workers’ strike. The residents told Deutsche Welle that medical facilities and schools, including Shone Hospital, were completely shut down. 

“The problem seems to be beyond the capacity of the Woreda, the Zone and the Region,” the residents said, adding that they want the federal government to look into the situation and bring about a solution. 

The people are expressing their readiness to go to Addis Ababa to present their request through their representatives, according to Deutsche Welle.

Regarding the complaints of the residents, Deutsche Welle tried to contact the heads of East Badwacho Woreda administration, Human Resource Development of Hadia Zone and Public Service Department including the Finance Office of Central Ethiopia Region. However, the attempt was unsuccessful because the stated officials failed to collaborate.

Regarding the issue, the local authorities spoke to employees of Shone Hospital on Sunday, but were unable to reach an agreement, a hospital employee told Deutsche Welle. According to the employee, the health professionals (employees) and  the officials did not reach agreement. The employees reportedly said that they should get their salary before going back to work.  

More than 2,000 employees of the East Badwacho Woreda of Hadia Zone have been on strike for the past two weeks demanding that they be paid their three-month salary. The Wereda officials reportedly said earlier that it was not possible to pay the wages to the employees because the Woreda held the payment as collateral for soil fertilizer taken by the farmers in the South  Region.

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