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Abiy Ahmed says conflict is not his gov’t’s agenda, points finger to “infiltrators”


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed delivers his second address in less than two weeks. A video of his latest presentation was released on Monday by the state-owned media outlet, just one day after another video went viral on social media, showing him playing soccer and scoring a goal in a striking role.

During this presentation, which focused on the theme of “Grand Narration,” Prime Minister Abiy made the assertion that “conflict is not the agenda of his government. It is the agenda of infiltrators.”

You can watch the first part of the video below (Share your thoughts in the comment section. Your perspective is valuable, and we encourage open and respectful discussion on this important topic)

Video : embedded from FBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

Ethiopian News Video

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  1. Subject, “Abiy Ahmed says conflict is not his gov’t’s agenda, points finger to “infiltrators”” October 24, 2023

    Dear Honorable Sir, Mr Abiy Ahmed
    1. You may consider yourself CLEAN, in all aspect of your Ethiopian Prime Minister-ship

    2. But the Ultimate Custodian of Dear Old ETHIOPIA ARE THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE >>> from A to Z. NO SINGULAR

    3. If the above statement is too much, it is because WE BLACK AFRICANS ( YES, WE BLACK AFRICANS) have been — and
    still at present — under the mercy of the BLACK AFRICAN DICTATORIAL LEADERS.

    4. In all honesty, Sir, we cannot deny that absolute fact. — including YOUR HONOR, SIR. I have no more to say.
    ————————THE END ——————–


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