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Ethiopian soldiers, Fano battle claimed five civilians lives in Debre Markos 

Ethiopian government authorities did not confirm or deny latest heavy weaponry shillings in Debre Markos 

Ethiopian News-Debre Markos- Fano
Debre Markos City (Photo :PD)


In the latest series of conflicts between the Ethiopian Defense Force and Fano forces in Debre Markos, a major city in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, civilian casualties have been reported.

As per a report by BBC Amharic service, which interviewed local residents, the fighting commenced around 9:30 a.m. and continued throughout the day until evening. It originated near the Gutera locality and eventually spread to other parts of the city. According to the residents who spoke with BBC Amharic, the sound of gunfire and heavy weaponry was heard from three different directions. These residents chose to remain anonymous out of fear of potential government reprisals.

Gunfire ceased around 7:30 p.m. after Fano forces retreated from the city, allowing the Ethiopian Defense Forces to enter. Residents claimed that government forces deployed heavy weaponry, including mortars and ZU-23, primarily targeting residential areas.

Debre Markos has five exits, and heavy weaponry shelling occurred from three of these exits, causing the closure of local businesses during the conflict between the Fano Forces and the Defense Force.

At least five people are reported to have lost their lives, as stated by the BBC based on eyewitness accounts. However, it is plausible that the actual death toll is higher. Internet access in the region has been shut down for several months, and journalists and human rights activists are still barred from entering the region due to a state of emergency imposed by the government in August.

Funerals for three of the victims took place in the city on Friday, while Ethiopian government authorities, at both regional and federal levels, have remained tight-lipped about casualties. BBC Amharic reported reaching out to government authorities, including hospitals, but received no response.

Debre Markos has been a recurring battleground for Fano forces and Ethiopian government soldiers, with allegations of crimes against humanity emerging since the conflict began in April. The United Nations expressed concerns about the risk of genocide in Ethiopia earlier this month, a statement rejected by the Ethiopian government.

While regional administrators claim to have restored stability in the area, credible local media reports indicate ongoing clashes between Fano forces and Ethiopian government soldiers in various parts of the region, affecting both cities and rural areas. These confrontations continue to disrupt mobility, social activities, and economic life in the region.

Several local reports also confirm that the Ethiopian government is extensively using drone attacks but the victims are said to be mostly civilians. 


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  1. This just got received from the battle front. The brave warriors of The Fano Army were engaged is raging battles with the army of Abiy for the last three months. After four major engagements in Gondar, Dessie, Bahr Dar and Debre Markos this week the Fano warriors had put more than 79,000 soldiers of Abiy’s army out of action and had captured 212,989 of them along with 150 T72 tanks, 10 SU-35 fighter jets and more than 300 armored personnel carrier vehicles. The gallant Fanos are now just outside Addis Ababa waiting for orders from their high command to deal Abiy’s regime the final blow and declare the Republic of Ethiopia. Listen everyone. Go out and celebrate this victory.

  2. Alert! that warrent immediatel Protest and Demonstration against Abiy Ahmed who transported Chemical Bomb in a helicopter that made three rounds to bring this Chemical to Bahir Dar.
    Desperate Abiy Ahmed who is losing the war against the Amhara people and because of army who refuses to fight against their own countrymen is preparing and transporting Chemical Bomb to Poison Amhara people. Such fascism raises serious concerns and must exposed to the entire world immediately and must be removed from Amhara region. Which country gave Abiy Ahmed such dangerous Poison also must be investigated .


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