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Tension Abiy Ahmed caused in the Red Sea



Last week, Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed publicly spoke about something he has been discussing with his close circles – Access to the Red Sea.

In his equivocal message, he says that he will pursue the issue through peaceful means while underscoring that access to the Red Sea is a must.

His statement has caused a reaction from states and non-state actors. There are activists who see his agenda as setting a strategy to divert attention from existing political, economic and security problems in the country.Eritrean activists , many of them, were agitated by his speech – of course many of them are mistakenly framing it as something that Ethiopia is planning when the real issue is different.

The government of Eritrea has given a measured response. Somali and Djibouti have also joined Eritrea in rejecting Abiy Ahmed “by hook or cook” claim over the Red Sea.

EVN Ethiopia discussed the matter. Watch the video below.

Video : embedded from EVN Ethiopia youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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