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Over 100 government officials including Regional Security Chief arrested for theft of 25,000 quintals of fertilizer

Desta Lendamo- corruption - Sidama
Desta Lendamo, Sidama regional state president (Photo : PD)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –  148 Government officials, including a regional security chief, arrested for the theft of 25,000 quintals of fertilizer, sources said. 

Ethio-FM 107.8 Radio reported here today that Many government officials including the chief of Regional Security Bureau were involved in the theft of 25,000 quintals of soil fertilizer in the newly established Sidama Region.

Sidama Region Security Bureau told Ethio-FM 107.8 that the government officials were involved in the theft of the soil fertilizer that was planned to be distributed in 16 Woreda of Sidama Region. Representing the Regional Security Bureau, Alemayehu Timoteos, said that 148 people including government officials who were allegedly involved in the crime were put under control, according to the news source.

The Security Bureau representative said that the stolen fertilizer is 25 thousand quintals, which is valued at 38 million birr. Alemayehu Timotiyos further said that if the soil fertilizer had reached the farmers, it would have yielded 442,000 quintals of production.

The Security  Bureau has discovered that the expert appointed to serve the farmers has been using the fertilizer for his own benefit in a secret deal with the businessmen. The government imported the subsidized soil fertilizer to improve the lives of the farmers, according to Ethio-FM 107.8. 

The Sidama Regional Security Bureau has disclosed that the 148 people who were at leadership level of various government offices starting from Kebele to Regional position, have been sacked from their responsibilities and their cases are being investigated.


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  1. QUOTE: Over 100 government officials including Regional Security Chief arrested for theft of 25,000 quintals of fertilizer” UNQUOTE, October 20, 2023

    Shame! Shame! Shame !
    a) Ethiopia — history loaded country around the Globe — should NOT deserve shall a shame.

    b) One cannot help wondering what past NOBLE LEADERS of Ethiopia would have said and reacted to the disgraceful

    c) Amazing! who ever thought that Ethiopia would FALL to such disgraceful act!!!!

    d) That is all we can say over, and over, and over ………………….ad-noisily

  2. Such despicable behavior is a dead giveaway when individuals are given leadership positions just because they are from the region’s ethnicity and not by qualifications. They will use every chance they get to pilfer what they can put their hands on from the nation’s coffers and warehouses. Didn’t the UN Aid chief catch some regional officials stealing cans of sardines and boxes of wheat crackers from its commissaries in Tigray? It is that twisted mentality of ‘It is my turn and I’m entitled to it’. It will go on to remain a disease that will haunt and harm that country for quite some time to come.

  3. Children's lives matter. Stop western-backed war crimes and gun violence pursued in the interest of greedy corporations. Children's lives matter. Stop western-backed war crimes and gun violence pursued in the interest of greedy corporations.

    A 1,600-year-old Orthodox Christian church, which is thought to be the third-oldest Christian church in the world, was reportedly partially destroyed in Gaza on Thursday, leading to at least two casualties.

    Saint Porphyrius, a sanctuary for both Christians and Muslims and believed to be the world’s third oldest church, was bombed on Thursday with at least 18 Christian Palestinians reportedly killed
    The church is located in the Zaytun Quarter of Gaza’s Old City, with the tomb of its namesake, Saint Porphyrius—the fifth-century bishop of Gaza— housed in its northeastern corner. The church is an important site for Christians in the Gaza Strip, who make up an estimated 1,000 people—most of them Greek Orthodox—of the enclave’s total population of 2.3 million. But it has long been a sanctuary for Muslims, too. The church was housing over 500 Christian and Muslim refugees seeking shelter from the violence that has gripped northern Gaza.
    St Porphyrios church, which dates back to AD407, was converted into a mosque in the seventh century. A new church was built in the 12th century by crusaders. It was last renovated in 1856; today, only a few cornices and bases remain from the crusader period.Saint Porphyrios, a church that has stood in Gaza for centuries, believed to be the third oldest church in the world, had become a sanctuary for hundreds of displaced Palestinians – both Christians and Muslims – fleeing the relentless violence that has engulfed the region.
    The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem was swift to condemn the attack, labeling it a war crime.

    Israel is indiscriminately massacring civilians who took refuge in the church and committing horrendous war crimes and heinous crimes of the most extreme and incomprehensible nature. Giving support to any type of force, regardless of its ethnicity or religion, is a license for killing civilians. Children, expectant mothers, defenseless males, and Christians hiding in church yards are all killed in the pretext of defending oneself and combating terrorism.


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