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Education experts urge that Ethiopia’s current education system should be reinspected

Solomon Belay- Education
Solomon Belay ( Source : AAU website)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – An instructor at Addis Ababa University, Faculty of Curriculum and Teachers Development and a member of the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Education, Solomon Belay (Dr.) told Ahadu Radio, FM 94.3 that the current education system in Ethiopia should be reinspected.

Dr. Belay clarified that the education system, which consumes huge resources starting from the family to the country level, should be designed in such a way that  it can bring about transformation to the society thereby addressing social problems.

Dr. Solomon said that the experts and scholars in the field should sit down and open discussion on the issue. If education is given its proper intention and place, it can be a solution to other social, economic and political problems. Solomon emphasized that due attention should be given to avoid wastage of educated human power.

An expert in the education sector, Kindealem Damtie (Dr.), said that the formal education system has been entangled with quality and supply problems.

Dr. Kindealem mentioned that the higher learning institutions where the provision of education has been expanded have openly become  conflict sites. Kindealem further pointed out that in order to maintain the quality of education, higher learning institutions should be free from politics.

It is to be recalled that of the 845,000 students who sat for  high school (12th grade) leaving the national examination, only 27,000 scored the passing grades. 


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