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Fano, Ethiopian Defense Force clash in Debre Markos

Fano-Debre Markos-Ethiopian News
Debre Markos (Photo : screenshot from ABC TV )


Days after Let. General Mohammed Tessema held a meeting with residents of Debre Markos, in East Gojjam Zone of the Amhara region; intense fighting is reported in the city. 

A Fano group that is said to be under the command of Major Zenabu suddenly opened fire in the city starting at 8:00 a.m. in the morning local time. 

Sources with links on the ground, including ABC TV and Anchor Media, said that the Ethiopian Defense Forces is firing heavy artillery in the city. Movement in the city came to a halt.  Businesses are closed. 

The number of casualties from the battle in the city is undisclosed at this point in time. 

There had been recurring fighting between the Fano forces and the Ethiopian Defense Force ( which Ethiopian activists and people in the region now call Berhanu Jula’s Force – after the Defense Chief of Staff). 

Debre Markos is one of the towns in the region where the Ethiopian Defense Force committed egregious war crimes and crimes against humanity including extrajudicial executions of civilians. 

Also, local Ethiopian news sources are reporting continued widespread fighting between Fano and the Defense Force in many parts of the Amhara region.

At times Fano forces are sneaking into cities. launch an attack on targets and withdraw. According to Ethio News, a cybermedia based in Ethiopia, the Fano forces entered Gondar city on Wednesday. They have launched an attack on a police station in the Teda area of the city.  At least five policemen are said to be in hospital with life-threatening wounds following the attack. The casualties on the part of Fano are unspecified. 

In Enfraz, anti-riot and police camps were reportedly attacked but again the casualties are undisclosed. In most parts of the region, Fano forces launched a surprise attack. The Internet is still shut in the region making communication difficult. Human Rights investigators are not given access to the region. 

Similar attacks on police stations in Gondar City were reported last month and prisoners were set free. 

Many other areas in the region are still experiencing the conflict situation.  According to sources, North and South Wollo, North Shoa, Gojam and many parts of Gondar are still experiencing fighting. 

Fano’s have control over a considerable number of smaller towns in the region to the point that government administration is not in place any longer. 

The Abiy Ahmed-led administration is wagging its third round of military operations in the region. Initially, the plan was to neutralize Fano forces within two weeks which proved to be impossible. Based on information from local sources, even the third round of operation has failed to achieve results so far.

Meanwhile, human rights abuse in the region has become prevalent and the United Nations has  predicted a risk of genocide in Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian government has rejected the forecast about genocide but it has not been releasing any statement regarding the state of the war in the Amhara region. 


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