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Top Immigration and Citizenship Services officials  including former Deputy Director arrested

Some of the immigration officials who were arrested this week over alleged corruption charges

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – About 42 top officials , including the former Deputy Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Tamiru Ghembeta, were arrested on suspicion of corruption, sources said.

The Amharic Private Weekly Paper, Reporter said here yesterday that all suspects were arrested recently but the Deputy Director, Tamiru Ghembeta was put under control earlier on October 5, 2016.  

The deputy director’s house was reportedly searched by the police on court permission yesterday 18 October 2023. The suspects were expected to appear in court yesterday, according to Reporter.

Although measures have been taken to implement various reforms in the Immigration and Citizenship Service Institute, some of the employees of the institute have been arrested and are under investigation for their involvement in corruption by colluding with brokers, the news source indicated.

Reporter reminded that three months back Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) sacked chief Director of the Institute,  Biruhtesfa Mulugeta, Deputy Chief, Fraol Taffa and Tamiru Gambetta from their positions.

People have long been complaining of corruption and neglecting responsibilities of the workers of the institute. The complaints are related to passport issuance, renewal and other similar issues, according to the report.

Moreover, 16 employees of the institute allegedly received large sums of money from individuals and sent them abroad illegally. Five individuals, who were acting as if they were operating under an employer liaison agency, were also put under control earlier, Reporter said.

Employees of the institute including the deputy director, who were arrested last week, are also suspected of corruption, according to Reporter.


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