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Abiy Ahmed’s “Not in a Million Years” Declaratory Statement Undermines Ethiopia’s Unity with Diversity Logic

Aklog Birara

Abiy’s rhetorical statement “Not in a million years” refers to interactions between the Prime Minister and the renowned Ethiopian Journalist and Influencer, Abebe Gelaw. The reference is a categorical statement attributed to Abiy Ahmed that Amhara will not govern Ethiopia in a”million years.” 

To my knowledge, Amhara never claimed the right and special privilege of ruling Ethiopia for a “million years.” Fighting for justice and the rule of law, standing firm for unbridled equality among Ethiopians and pushing harder for genuine democracy are not the same as saying “My turn to eat, to rule, to plunder” and so on.

Today’s Ethiopia is tragic in several ways:

i) Thirty one million Ethiopians (a figure that rose sharply from the 20 million the World Bank had identified) are on the brink of starvation. One million of those facing starvation due to drought and war are in the Amhara region. Thousands, including children have perished. 

ii) Ethiopia is home to 5.1 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

iii) Five million and four hundred thousand Tigrean Ethiopians require emergency food aid. 

iv) Despite the Prosperity Gospel, poverty is spreading and deepening in Ethiopia. 

v) Ethiopia’s small middle class is unable to meet daily food necessities owing to shortages and hyper inflation in excess of 40 percent per year. 

vi) Amhara are singled out and barred from entering Addis Ababa. The war against Amhara continues. 

vIi) The cost of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the war torn Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions is $28 billion. money Ethiopia does not have. 

Below is my interview with Hibre Radio’s Habtamu Assefa. In this interview that took place today, I raise several policy issues, including Abiy Ahmed’s newest claim of Ethiopian sovereign rights over the Red Sea. I do not dispute the notion that Ethiopia needs access to the sea. But, this cannot be achieved through war or through threats or through enhancements etc. Why not call for the Union of Horn of African states? 

First thing first. The Ethiopian people deserve justice, peace and good governance, This is the reason why I urge non-Amhara groups to form their own Fano and join the struggle for justice and democracy. I commend those who have taken the initiative. 

Video : embedded from Hiber Radio youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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