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Ethiopian Electric Power Company to collect 20 billion birr revenue from energy sales

By Staff Reporter 

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopian Electric Utility said that it would increase its annual revenue by expanding its local services and energy exporting initiatives  to more Eastern African nations, sources said

Al-ain News Source reported yesterday that the Company had planned to collect 20 billion birr in revenue in the current 2016 Ethiopian Fiscal Year(EFY).

The Company has also made official that apart from supplying to Kenya, Sudan and Djibouti,  energy export to Tanzania would begin this current EFY, according to Al-ain.

The Company said that 20 billion birr of the total revenue would be collected from domestic customers while the rest will be secured from neighbouring countries.

Ethiopia is exporting power energy to Kenya, Djibouti and Sudan, and discussions are underway with Tanzania to start energy sales, according to the news source.

If the ongoing bilateral agreement is concluded, the export and sale of power energy to Tanzania will reportedly begin in 2016 EFY, Al-ain reported. 


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