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Over 14,000 teachers are not back to work in Tigray region


Tigray Teachers _ Ethiopia
Source : VOA /File

By Staff Reporter 

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Of the 46,000 teachers serving in Tigray Region in 2020, over 14,000 are out of service this time, sources said.

The Regional Education Bureau of Tigray Region told Ethio-FM 107.8 Radio that more than 14 thousand of the  teachers are not giving service this time at schools across the Region.

Head of Regional Education Bureau, Kiros Gieush, said that the recently held bloody war in the northern part of the country has put the lives of many teachers into chaos.

Kiros said that there are teachers who have been displaced, migrated, injured and died due to the war. There are also many others who have been engaged in various jobs other than teaching to make ends meet as they have not been paid for more than two years.

Many teachers have also suffered hardship due to the economic problems and psychological trauma following the bloody war, according to the Education Bureau head.

Kiros said that the two years war in the Region has caused great damage to three basic issues related to education.

Schools were burned, demolished, shelled during the war. Teachers who were serving at the schools were killed, evacuated and displaced.  

Thirdly, many students have been deprived of the opportunity to receive the education they should have received at their right age. Due to this children who should have been in the 5th grade and above are now still in the 1st grade.

Some 9,000 grade 12 students who could have been 4th year university students this academic year have just sat for the school leaving examination. Had there been peace in the Region, these students should have taken this school leaving examination four years back in 2020, Ethio-FM said. 


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  1. This is where what young generation of these days exclaim with upon hearing such dumb stories: Duh!!! School buildings were not left standing in the war the stubborn leaders of the TPLF started. Those leaders had their fighters conduct a guerilla warfare which means their tactic was hit and run. All commies and their offshoots use such tactics. They hit at the enemy and run into churches, mosques, schools, civilian quarters and even health facilities. That is natural for them. Now what? This is how all these commies and their darasaas behave. Hell freezes before they have the decency to admit mistakes. That is how stubborn they are. Now you know why I have nothing but utter disdain for them.


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