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China, Ethiopia signed 14 cooperation agreements in Beijing 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met Chinese Premier Li Qiang at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China. (Photo credit : Xinua)


China and Ethiopia have reportedly signed 14 agreements on Monday. State owned media, Ethiopian News Agency, cited Bertukan Ayano – State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia – as saying the agreements signed between the two countries are documents, MoU, Protocol agreement and exchange of letters. 

Agricultural development, green economy, urban development, infrastructure expansion and implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative are the key areas of cooperation included in the agreements – according to the ENA report. 

Furthermore, it is said that cooperation agreements are reached in the area of human resource development, culture and tourism and in the health sectors. Details of the agreements are unspecified. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his wife Zinash Tayachew have on Monday arrived in Beijing where he was received by Chinese Primer, Li Qiang.  Abiy Ahmed is in the country to attend the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation , and pay an official visit  to China- according to a disclosure from the Chinese government

They have held a meeting and discussed a range of areas of cooperation.  China is one of the countries with a huge investment in Ethiopia. By 2017, Chinese investment has reached about $US 4 billion (according to Chinese government sources ) and has been growing since then.

During a meeting with the Ethiopian PM, the Chinese Premier has expressed his country’s commitment to support investment in Ethiopia. He is cited as saying  “China will import more quality products from Ethiopia, support Chinese enterprises in investing and starting businesses in Ethiopia, and explore cooperation in green development, digital economy, artificial intelligence and other emerging fields” 

Mr. Li Qiang has also highlighted Chinese interest in multilateralism and cooperation in opposing what he described as power politics and bullying.  

He affirmed his country’s readiness  “to strengthen cooperation with Ethiopia within such multilateral frameworks as the BRICS mechanism to practice multilateralism, oppose power politics and bullying, and safeguard the common interests of China and Africa as well as international equity and justice.” 

This year, BRICS accepted Ethiopia as a member country which Ethiopian authorities hailed as a demonstration of diplomatic success. 

In August of this year, China granted Ethiopia a debt relief extending due payment dates – something Ethiopian is seeking to get from western creditors. Ethiopia officials had a meeting with IMF authorities in Morocco this week.  

Leaders from 130 countries are reportedly attending the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in China. 


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