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Innocent civilians killed in a clash erupted in Gurage Zone, Central Ethiopia Region

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Welkite – seat of the Gurage zone administration (Photo :VOA Amharic/file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –  Innocent civilians were killed in a clash that erupted  in Wolkite Town and Kebena special Woreda of the Central Ethiopia Region, sources said. 

Residents and officials have told Tikvah- Ethiopia here today that people were killed in that part of the country due to the clash. An anonymous official from Kebena special Woreda, said that “People are being killed and the government should intervene for an urgent solution”.

A resident of Kebena Special Woreda said, “two young people from Kebena Special Woreda have been killed recently”. Another resident from Wolkite Town also said that “a man from Wolkite Town was killed by the young furious people ”. 

An official, who wanted to remain anonymous, in the Wolkite Town administration of the Central Ethiopia Region,  confirmed that lives of innocent people were lost in the conflict. He told Tikvah that, “two youths were shot by security forces while another person was killed by the young people”. 

On Saturday, October 14, 2023, two youths from Kebena died in a shooting by the security forces. On Sunday, October 15, 2023, one person from Guraghe was killed by youths, according to the eyewitnesses. “Looting, setting alight and demolitions of residential houses continued at an alarming rate,” the official said, adding that although the number is not known, there are injured people. Transportation services have also been disrupted in the area.

Other residents said, “the perpetrators have come from Kebena special Woreda and burned residential houses, looted properties, and shot and killed the federal police officer. The Town and the Zonal police were prevented from taking action against the lawlessness. The special force was made to leave the area and forced to fire tear gas on the community in the center of the Town. The police commander of the Zone, Tejie was beaten up and dragged on the road by the young furious people ”.

The Guraghe people who live in 24 Kebeles say that they have no desire to be part of Kebena special Woreda. This was one of the causes for the conflict, according to the news sources. The Guraghe natives who say that Wolkite should not be the seat of Kebena special Woreda pointed out that the Wolkite Town, which is also the seat of the Zone, is an administrative structure managed by the Guraghe. 

The Kebena Special Woreda believes that since the Wolkite Town is based on the surrounding Kebele of Kebena, the administration will not be forced to establish its seat anywhere out of the Town. These disputes aggravated the conflict that erupted in the Gurage Zone. 


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