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Eritrea says “do not be provoked” in response to Red Sea talk that Ethiopian PM triggered 

Source : Ministry of Information of the State of Eritrea


After months of rumors that the Ethiopian Prime Minister is framing the Red Sea agenda, it became clear last Friday when he gathered his party and government officials and told them that access to the sea is a must. 

He told his ministers that Ethiopia has “historical, geographical, ethnic and economic” grounds to reclaim access to the Red Sea. 

His statement triggered extensive conversation on social media both from Eritreans and Ethiopian activists.  While many speculations are given, the overwhelming majority tend to think that the Prime Minister is bringing the Red Sea agenda as a strategy to divert public attention from multiple detrimental crises his government is facing. 

Ethiopians in the country and abroad have expressed a stern criticism to Ethiopian PM statement. Some called it “irresponsible.”

The Eritrean government on Monday responded to the situation with only a few lines of statement issued from the Ministry of Information. 

While the statement has acknowledged that the issue has dominated conversations, it advised concerned bodies not to be provoked by it. The statement did not mention PM Abiy Ahmed nor made a reference to his statement. 

The statement from the government of Eritrea reads as follows : 

” Discourses – both actual and presumed – on water, access to the sea, and related topics floated in the recent times are numerous and excessive indeed.  The affair has perplexed all concerned observers.

In the event, the Government of Eritrea repeatedly reiterates that it will not, as ever, be drawn into such alleys and platforms.  

The GOE further urges all concerned not to be provoked by these events. “


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  1. Subject ” Eritrea says do not be provoked in response to Red Sea talk that Ethiopian PM triggered ” , October 16, 2023

    Humble Opinion,

    ha) Well said by the Eritrean Government.

    hu) It is a posture of MATURITY

    he) Ethiopia should reciprocate the extraordinary mature reaction by the NEW comer Eritrean State


    hiye) Those who are definitely instigating to DESTROY the CURRENT REALITY of THAT AREA must take time to THINK

    hii) The consequence can also destroy the instigators .


    ————– THE EN D ————–

    • reze,

      What are you talking about? are you Mature yourself? What is the current reality in the area? Ato Meles Zenawi gave away all Red see since he knows that one day when he split Tigray from Ethiopia based on article 39 then he will claim Red sea just for Tigray. That’s the reality behind here. NO country in the world do that but he did and now Tigray learned that they will never split from Ethiopia and reality kicked in. Ethiopia and Red sea know each other before Eritrea existed and Eritrea know that, so don’t assume that our PM is crazy. He know what he is doing!! I hope i enlightened you a .. Let me know if you need more detail

  2. There is absolutely no issue surrounding this. Access to the sea, along with external links by ground and air transportation, are right topics in formulating economic policy. How else can exports be promoted? Djibouti has had monopoly in the import and export business to/from Ethiopia, and the government there had exploited to the tilt that monopoly power by charging hefty port fees. And that must have had significant impact on the rising cost of living as the fees translate into domestic prices for imports. Why then should not the Ethiopian government seek alternatives to alleviate the burden of port fees on domestic inflation (and Ethiopia’s external competitiveness?

    The tremendous positive impact of Ethiopian Airlines on the trade balance and international access is well documented. Ethiopia is also exploring other ways to transport exports and imports, such as through Kenya, Sudan, Berbera; Eritrea’s ports (both Asseb and Massawa) offer competitive advantages. Known quarters both in Ethiopia and Eritrea want to derail the possibility of access to Red Sea through Eritrea want to derail that possibility for their own political agenda, regardless of almost certain win-win benefits for the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    I encourage Abiye and Isaias to continue working closely to bring peace and prosperity to their people. Power to them in that endeavor!

  3. when a country losses its own territory or water like our Red sea and hidden from the society who lost it for so long, not that long in this case since Eritrea is only 30 years old. If Russia claim part of Ukraine, If China claim Taiwan why not our 3500 years old country try to get back to her God given resource? our Prime mister’s move might look unreal or irresponsible like some of our “local” guys think. The truth is once Ethiopia proved itself that it will not fall for Berlin Conference and defeated the Italians and showed resistance in so many areas, the west decided to make Ethiopia landlocked, Djibouti is gone in the 70’s Eritrea followed in the 90 followed by 9 local flags in Ethiopia to make sure we stay fighting. That’s what blocking our view, otherwise whether PM Abiy triggered the case now or later, it is unstoppable that Ethiopia will definitely get access to Red Sea. The society never voted to give away 2 ports in less than 60 years. Good luck to our God given leader, people will appreciate after you finish your Job. Thank you Sir! I also know that, Djibouti will be free one day as well, there will be time to go after the case we lost due to colonizers who are now enjoying military base in Djibouti. I know this seems crazy for people who are only focused in their own tribe…. While the country blessed by God. Time will tell the rest…

    • Are you comparing ethiopia with Russia, ethiopia is a country in the brink of disintegration in which the federal govt soldiers are beaten and humiliated by militias . Let you solve your internal problems and the you can dream about becoming Russia

      • As expected, you are one of those people who think they know but in reality very naïve
        I have no time to teach you all, let time explain that for you. Don’t forget I said Ethiopia will definitely get access to Red sea, by love or by force. Simple! lol

        I understand the past 30 years has confused so many, not your fault 🙂

  4. I remember when I was a young boy when grown-ups among my Itu clan used to incite two muscled up bulls into a fight. They blew sounds of whistles and cries specially written for such purpose. In just a few seconds the bulls will start scratching the ground one bull daring the other to a fight. Then they will lock horns and go at it. Those dardaraas stood just close-by making sure the warring bulls will not go too far to mortally goring each other. Usually, one will overcome the other and chase the other away. The outcome of such fight would decide who is the new sheriff in charge(ownership) of the cows. Some of us now are trying to be some of those bullfight mongering grown-ups by twisting what was said or inventing inciting news to bring those brotherly peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia to blows. That ain’t gonna happen. Both peoples know better now than ever what peaceful coexistence can muster for both of them.

    I had said this on this website responding to some comments by el-Sisi’s men regarding the GERD dam. I find it fitting to post it again:
    ‘But I don’t understand how any confusion could be out there about the dam. It is out there and Mother Nature has been filling it since the dam was inching up. I can tell you this about those Almighty Blessed people that produced us all. Our Good Lord The Creator has entrusted them with the well-being and lives of more than 150 million of His people who live in The Sudan and Egypt since the antiquities and they have kept their word by not adversely disrupting the flow of water that reached its final destination of the Mediterranean Sea. They are Almighty fearing people who never contemplated of harming their neighbors with water that originate inside their territory. These are the legendary and upright Ethiopians. Just look at how they treat their brothers and sisters in Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and South Sudan. I know for fact where that great Wabi Shabale originates. It is right there in my Itu clan’s backyard. Dawa, Ganaale, Omo, Baro and hundreds of sizeable streams you name it which feed another more than 150 million people.

    All these life sustaining blessings were gifted by none other than Our Creator himself with eternal trust in our people and our forefathers never walked over that trust. There should never be any doubt about that. This one I did not make it up. Our old country is known as the Roof of Africa. So what happens to rainwater after it falls on any roof? It flows and rushes down to the ground in many directions, right? It rushes into Sudan all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. It rushes all the way to the Indian Ocean thru Somalia. It rushes thru South Sudan and all the way to The White Nile. It rushes through the southern part of the country into the Kenyan side of Lake Turkana. Looking north we can mention the honors of Atbarah and Tekeze rivers. They both originate rushing off the Roof of Africa and there is only one Roof of Africa called Ethiopia. I rest my case.’

    Again, I can tell you this with all confidence I can muster. The two and sisterly peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia have already made up their mind. From here on to eternity they will never go to war as they had done during 1998-2002 for this or that stupid reason. I am bullish about it. They will instead come into the fold where they will live in peace and harmony sharing what Allah blessed them with. The same with the upright people of Somalia and Djibouti.

  5. Having said that, I don’t see being land-locked is the end of the world for such countries. There are more than 40 countries that are land locked for a long time and some of them are for centuries. Some of them are lucky enough to have their forbearers who had inked an eternal lease thru waterways and free ports. There is no navigable river or canal that stretches from inside Ethiopia to the Red Sea or Indian Ocean. Yes, we can talk about the history of that region from centuries ago but there are no treaties from those times. There were just a number of empires that came and went without leaving any agreements or leases that entitles to outlets on the Red Sea or Indian Ocean. There is none I am aware of. What those empires left behind is something to look back on and a mountain of stubbornness. There are no historical and still binding treaties. What we have in front of us now is a sovereign state called Djibouti with its own internationally recognized boundaries in seashores on Bab-el-Mandeb. What we have now is a sovereign country called Eritrea with its own internationally recognized boundaries and seashores on the Red Sea. What we have now is a nation called Somalia with its own international recognized boundaries and seashores on the Indian Ocean. Once this etched on stones fact sunk in us, then we have to make it known that Wabi Shabale, Dawa, Ganaale, Atbarah and Tekeze rivers all originate in Ethiopia. So, the wise and the levelheaded should take it from here. With peace and stability, it has been said ad nauseam by experts, The Horn of Africa has the potential to be another Western Europe but unlike Europe with untapped natural resources and a combined young population close to 150 million. I’m gonna leave there!!!

  6. The regional powers Tigray and Eritrea should fins a peaceful resolution to access to ports and the red sea. Tigray has more historical evidence and cause for these issues than Ethiopia because it is the oldest state and civilization which once controlled the Red Sea and the adjoining areas. But the Abiy government that is weak and losing war against the Eritrean trained and armed Amhara forces should fulfill preconditions before getting support from Tigray.

    • Digital Tigraway,

      Please get out of those thinking, you saw what happened the past few years on Tigray, you still bluffing Tigray that Tigray this. It is for your own benefit to live with the rest of Ethiopia, Please believe me. I understand you were told you are the best in everything, but reality showed opposite. Please love your Ethiopian sisters and brothers then we look more beautiful, otherwise Tigray will never split from Ethiopia and don’t forget that it was Tigray who established Ethiopia and came up with Green yellow and red flag and we still have good amount of people in Tigray who loves their country Ethiopia. We went through all these problems for very long time due to the British colonial need in Red sea and the region in general. They misled our king Yohannes to destroy King Tewodros who at the time aware of the colonials who were surrounding Ethiopia and he wanted to make our own cannon to defend ourselves. British didn’t like that, and they fooled our Yohannes for them to still rule the region….

  7. Not only access to the red sea but also access to every part of Eritrea and Djibouti should be Ethiopia’s main project for decades to come. But Ethiopia’s attempt to re-annex her tiny previous states should be done according to international laws and by non-military pressures.

  8. I am glad that the Prime Minister has addressed this issue and I anticipated how Eretria would respond, as we all understand that Eritrea’s establishment was primarily motivated by isolating Ethiopia from sea access and exerting control over it for centuries. Now is the time to fully separate from Eritrea. Eventually, Ethiopia will secure a port from Somalia, and until then, Ethiopia will abstain from using any ports from Eritrea, even if they were offered for free. We have witnessed an extremely negative reaction from Eritrea, which clearly demonstrates the short-sightedness of the individuals in that country.

  9. Yes, once upon a time there was an empire called Axum. Yes, once upon a time there was a supposedly caliphate called Ifat. What the heck, once upon a time I was told there was an empire called Nubia. Once upon a time there was a huge empire called The Ottoman Empire. You want me to go on. Phew! I’m running out breath reciting history of the days gone by. But I did not tell you the fact that there were no waterway or riparian treaties during the heydays of those empires and caliphates. But one clear clarion reality is a fact on the ground today, as we speak. Rivers Dawa, Genale, Wabi Shabale, Atbarah and Tekeze all originate in the current Roof of Africa and the land of the most generous people called Ethiopia. Wouldn’t these generous people get something back in kind in gratuity? All these rivers, as of late, have started asking for reciprocation!!! You should know by now already that there is no such thing called free lunch for life! Hey, I was only telling you what these rivers have been telling me lately. Don’t kill the messenger here!!!

  10. While we are so hyped up talking about this and about that nonsense, Mother Nature has just made her presence known today by hitting an area in Eritrea with an earthquake that registered at least 4.5 on the Richter scale. This must serve as a wake up call before the big one hits at major residential areas in one the three countries of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti or even all three countries at the same time. I hope and pray my dear brothers and sisters in Eritrea are not adversely affected by today’s earthquake.

  11. Q: How did >200,000 Eritreans enter Addis and even get Ethiopian IDs & Ethiopian passports?

    NB: Ethiopia SHOULD NEVER USE any Red Sea Port [RSP] →EVEN IF GIVEN FREE!

    1). Ethiopia vs. RSP: Any RSP puts Ethiopia at the mercy of Eritrea/Egypt/Djibouti and the Pro-Egypt West based in Djibouti. RSP allows them to box-in Ethiopia [at Red Sea’s Entrance & Exit]! As we speak, Egypt is BEGGING Eritrea to give Ethiopia ANY port!

    2). Port vs. Share Ethiopian Enterprises [SEE]: SEE is out of question since it brings share holders in to management. That will set the beginning of the end of the enterprises.

    3). Ethiopia vs. Indian Ocean: Unstable Somalia is run by Egypt via Eritrea. So, Kenya is the LESSER EVIL of Ethiopia’s EVIL NEIGHBORS. Hence, I would LEASE LAND on Kenya’s coast where I could link it to the Ethio-Kenya highway and also build a runway.

    4). Assab [1998]: Eritrea confiscated Ethiopia’s imports [heavy trucks, fuel trucks, buses, etc.]. So, Ethiopia’s insurance companies went almost bankrupt indemnifying importers.

    5). Assab vs. Landmines/French Nuclear Waste [FNW]: Eritrea dumped FNW in Assab region. Eritrea also littered the Assab area with the landmines it got from Egypt & Israel.

    6). Ethiopia vs. Eritrea: Most Eritreans have no means to leave Eritrea. Most Eritreans in Addis run EPLF’s businesses [fuel trucks, currency trade, traditional cloth sales on Internet, etc.]. Most are also best known for their diverse ‘services’ to Whites, Arabs, etc.

    • Addendum-1:

      7). Eritreans & Ethiopia: No Eritrean is in Ethiopia to do Ethiopia any favor. Besides, most Eritreans have no means to leave Eritrea. Look, why would any Eritrean ever want to live in the Ethiopia he/she fought for over 40 years to secede from? It doesn’t add up, does it?

      Therefore, the massive presence of Eritreans in Addis and many flourishing key towns is to use Ethiopia as EPLF’s Business HQ, weaken/control/sabotage Ethiopia’s economy from within, serve embassies/NGOs/foreigners as agents/informants/pimps, etc. Go & See!

  12. Abiy Ahmed behavior is disturbing. Many people may think he has gone mad because the Oromo homogey plot failure . After massacring Tigray youth he moved to Amhara and also to Southern non-Oromo Ethiopians.
    Abiy is not a normal person but a serial killer. Pay attention to his tranquility when huge numbers of people are slaughtered which is the behavior of cold blooded serial killers. Not flinched or disturbed. He went out to plant trees satisfied, contained and collected. He only gets mad when people show concern about innocent people’s lives are lost and his regime is silent in the face of violent killing and massacre. .

  13. Unfortunately for the beautiful country of Ethiopia and its proud, God fearing, hospitable and hard working people, Dr. Abyi is showing all the classic traits of an (African) dictatorship. The diaspora readers can watch the Netflix documentary “How to become a dictator!” I have lived and worked in Gondar and AA and married to an Ethiopian woman. We wanted to stay in Ethiopia, but the present situation forced us to come back to Europe. Unfortunately, no signs of common sense and trust building, no accountability for wrongdoers, no stopping of tribal hatred, no visible solution for peace on the horizon. The proud people of Ethiopia (&in fact all people everywhere) need safety, security, a reasonable stable economy, trust building and working together as one. You have great potential, being a large country, with a youthful population, ancient history and a respected name in the international arena. Sadly the deranged brain of your PM is not in the slightest worried about rebuilding the country after the (lets say necessary civil war with the TPLF). He is going to continue to create crisis so that he can project himself as the only suitable to solve the crisis, complimenting his messianic narcissistic personality.
    I read every ones comments here and my question is this. Do you truly believe that Ethiopia can secure access to the sea by peaceful means? The concerned countries already stated their unwillingness to share their international borders and their ports with Ethiopia. Naturally the only other way is by force and war. This leads me to my second question. Do you believe that after 3 years of civil war that the country is in a position to start a war with some neighbouring country over access to the sea?? And which are these countries?? Are you gonna fight Eritrea again, just a few years after the resent celebrated peace deal? Are you going for Djibouti where all the strong militaries of the world have their naval and military bases on it?? Are you gonna fight Kenya?? That would be suicidal, Kenya is currently a stronger country both in military and in economics. So that leaves Somalia, which is ungovernable chaos for 20 something years, with ISIS and Al Shabab being the “government”. Would it be wise to go meddle in such an unsolvable situation?? For me the answer to all these questions is NO.
    This leaves us with only 2 possibilities. One that Abyi has lost his mind and will drag the country to endless wars, without any guarantees or he is simply stirring and testing the waters to see if any opportunity will emerge. But the people need the exact opposite from that. I urge all the wise, educated and calm minded people to come together and get rid of this dangerous man.
    Ps. In the comments i can clearly understand who writes from the safety of his USA or European house to encourage and support this megalomaniac clown to go to war. I would really like to hear what the proud people struggling every day for their injera, who have lost children and relatives in these 3+ years of unrest have to say about the importance of a port, but what would they say about the importance of security, right to employment, the need to rebuild roads, bridges and hospitals, the absolute need to bring justice, by identifying and persecute the evil people who rape, torture and violate the laws of the country starting from the top down. After justice is served to all the perpetrators, the huge task of forgiveness, of forgetting and of building trust again between the different tribes. A country must have one history, one army , one people. Change the constitution, erase tribal boundaries, find a common ground on which way you want your country to go, use the knowledge from other countries, stop being so afraid of foreign influence. Otherwise, the current constitution gives every tribe the right to leave the federation. If you no longer want to be Ethiopia, break up the country into Oromia, Ahmara, Tigre etc. and see how this will work out… Certainly the people cannot afford another round of hostilities especially with your neighbours.

  14. Permit Me To Come Back
    1). In short, the so-called MODREN ETHIOPIANS of the 20th century must come to their senses.

    2) Take an hour or two and refresh your minds of the glorious wisdom of your own marvellous, heroic history.

    3). Please, be seriously and take time to refresh thy-selves about your own history.

    4). The alternative is a complete disaster, destroying an ancient country full of history, to OBLIVION.

    5). Believe it or not, the destiny of Ethiopia is YOUR OWN destiny.

    —————THE END of WARNING ——————-


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