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Ethiopian Premier is diverting public attention from the current disastrous situation of the country\

Abiy Ahmed - Red Sea Diversion
Abiy Ahmed explaining the properties of water to members of his government. Among the things he told them “Water is colorless, taste less and Odor less.” Photo : sreenshot from Fana Broadcasting Corporate


Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed is telling his people to fasten their belt to claim a Port on the Red Sea. He said that the issue of the Red Sea is “a matter of existence”. He has given emphasis that Ethiopia should become the owner of Sea gate in a very peaceful and “give-and-take” manner. However, he did not say a single word about what his government would do if his “give-and-take” way of acquiring the harbour will not work.  

What does the “matter of existence” mean? Have we not been living without a harbour or sea gate for over three decades? 

Many Ethiopians guess these days that if the “pressing demand of sea gate” is not successful through the said “give-and-take” means, the government will surely draw sabre from its sheath to kindle fight with Eritrea (God forbid). “Then the poor young people will be flogged to march towards the Red Sea to gain control over the said port”. That is what we all are expecting. C’mon guy, stop daydreaming!

However, it is very hard to be certain that these poor Ethiopians who were deprived of their right to live in their own country will go to the battlefield. It is very gullible of some people to assume that Ethiopians will chant war cries and take hold of guns against their neighbouring brothers. At times our leaders give us a hard time fooling us to die for this and that… The newly emerged officials are thinking of deploying the poor young Ethiopians to die so that they can stay longer on their throne. 

Mind you, these Ethiopians who are needed to shed their blood are the ones who have been deprived of joining university. Probably they are the ones who were banned from entering Addis Ababa or those who were forcefully displaced from their homes… Yes, these are “we all” who were not allowed to carry our national flag while celebrating public events …

The Prime Minister said that he brought the subject of “Port” not as a peoples’ representative (MP) but as the one who loves his country. I don’t think this argument is strong enough to convince our people. A leader who loves his nation will never declare open war against his people. He who loves his country will not keep quiet when Ethiopians were massacred in thousands and millions in various parts of their country. A leader who says s/he lives in his nation will never bomb innocent civilians, children, mothers and elderly people. A leader who loves his country will not divide his people in ethnicity. He who says he is working for the development of his nation will not restrict free movement of “his” people. He will not make his ancient country a laughing stock…

Though the Premier has come up with this agenda of “port”, he has not given any clue to the people regarding certain but very important questions (Actually, we don’t expect him to do that). Why has he come up with this agenda at this very moment? What does the “give-and-take” mean? 

Let’s say Ethiopia will take the harbour. What does it give in the return? Is there any sort of talk or negotiation between the two countries on the “give-and-take” thing? If there are any such talks (I don’t think so), what are the proposed thing to be taken by the other (Eritrean) side? What did “your government” propose to give? Did I hear you say, Ethiopian Air Lines?


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