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His Holiness Abune Mathias express grief for those killed in Tigray 

The tragic face of the war – a  mother has lost five children in the war 

Ethiopian Church _ Tigray
His Holiness Abune Mathias


His Holiness Abune Mathias, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, on Saturday expressed his grief for those killed during the two years bloody war, EOTC media reported. 

His message came a day after the Tigray region declared a three days of mourning to commemorate those who were killed in the region while fighting on the part of the TPLF.  Political forces in Tigray accused Ethiopian government, Amhara regional forces and Eritrean forces of “committing genocide in Tigray.” 

“For we Ethiopians have failed to learn from the words of God and from our past war history, much blood is spilled in Tigray, Amhara, Afar and other regions. That is not enough ; at this time the news of killings we are hearing from different places is disturbing us… ”  his Holiness is cited as saying in his message. 

The tone of his message seems to be critical of failure to negotiate.  He said the end of the massacre has never been a massacre and that  it is important to note that it is useless to stand over a dead body and negotiate.

His Holiness was part of a national committee that was delegated to the Tigray region of Ethiopia to plead for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders to not resort to war and resolve differences with the Federal government through dialogue.  He mentioned the effort in his message. 

“Today we express our deep grief for those being commemorated in Tigray. We have been pleading much for that not to occur ; for we have reached a time when priesthood and gray hair is not revered , we are living grief. Today, there is no household in Tigray where people are not grieving.” 

In his message of consolation for those grieving their sons and daughters in the Tigray region, he advised them not to remorse and harm themselves further. That will not bring back those who died and make your hearts strong, he added.

Ethiopian Media outlets reported that there is a mother who lost all five of her children in the war.  

  “We are people for whom the grave is not the end as we are people who have Resurrection,” is his spiritual message. 

The Patriarch returned to Ethiopia this week from the United State where he was getting medical treatment. 

The war between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Abiy Ahmed’s government ended in November 2022 when the two parties signed the Pretoria agreement after more than a million people were killed in Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions of Ethiopia. 


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  1. I am with the grieving mothers in spirit mourning the loss of their children and loved ones there by their side wiping their tears as if I lost my own. It is unthinkable tragedy that had befallen those upright people. There is so much blaming that has been blown around but there is nothing that can be done to bring back their demised sons, daughters and loved ones. But I have made up my mind who should be a party for the stupid and destructive war. I am holding the leaders of the TPLF, Federal Government and all others who participated in the carnage except the Afars responsible for the two-year war. I don’t pick and choose when it comes to Allah created human lives. Our Afar brothers and sisters were staying and minding their own business in their region when they were savagely attacked and brutalized. Those upright people of Afar were dragged into the stupid conflict by stubborn bigots who had/have an agenda beyond their region. This tragedy is even more excruciating when we know that there were thousands who did not even get a dignified burial after they mortally wounded and died in the stupid war. They were left there to die agonizing and slow deaths where their Allah created bodies were left to rot and to wild predators to enjoy. Thinking about them just makes my blood boil. Now, the same game is being played out in Amhara and Oromia regions. Those of you who have been beating the drums of war from your comfy and safe homes here among us with your ‘Zerraafs’, ‘Gerersaas’, and ‘Laloyes’, you must be ashamed of yourselves. You think you are ‘fearless’ warriors throwing around terms like ‘Woyanes’, ‘Neftegnas’ and ‘Oromummaas’ as pejoratives. I wish you were not even born. Damned, damned, damned you niggers!!!

    May those who perished Rest In Eternal Peace!!!

  2. “”The Patriarch returned to Ethiopia this week from the United States, where he was getting medical treatment. His holiness was poisoned by Mahibrekidusan members, which led to his departure to the USA for medical reasons. This satanic group is spitting its venom on every clergyman who does not support its evil act.

    “”Political forces in Tigray accused the Ethiopian government, Amhara regional forces, and Eritrean forces of “committing genocide in Tigray.”” ” It is your wicked mind that emits this rubish statement. It is not about the political agenda or rehetoric of politicians as you try to undermine it and protroude your sinful tongue to tarnish the TPLF leaders; the genocide can be seen in every part of Tigray and the homes of people who lost their loved ones by Eritrean army mass murderers who acted in collaboration with the Ethiopian government, Amhara regional forces, and Fannos. You were the one who financed and cheered when Tigrayans were massacred massively.

    According to sick-minded Borkena editors, it is safe to say that Amhara people are not killed by ENDF except for a mere biased, unsubstantiated accusation invented by political forces in the Amhara region, a land stolen from Oromiyaa, Kimant, Agew, and Weyto.

    ——————Political forces claimed that ENDF killed civilians in Amhara region——-

  3. Was he not one of those Tigres who campaigned in the propaganda war against Ethiopia? Did he not take refuge at the US Embassy in AA as part of his campaign? Did he not communicate in secret with online medium owned by one Stalin (wink, wink) to strategize and implement the propaganda war?

    I knew the fellow way back when he was head of an Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Washington, DC . His tribalist stand was very obvious then as now. He refused the Board’s request to condemn the violence that was being committed by the Tigres-dominated EPRDF, and to speak against ethnic based division of the nation. He was clearly siding with his tribe’s policy of divide and rule as central strategy of exploiting the nation dry while pitting one tribe against another. That led to division of the church in two, with one part led by him and including his Tigre constituents.

  4. Subject: “His Holiness Abune Mathias express grief for those killed in Tigray” October 14, 2023

    Humble Commentary, 16 Oct 2023
    ha) YES, Worqu : You capture the ugly background of seemingly ancient times.

    hu) YES, YES, so many things (crimes) have been done — even by Priests

    he) YES, YES,YES policy of divide and rule as central strategy of exploiting the nation dry while pitting one tribe against

    ha) INDEED, your far-sighted parents named you >>>> “BELAYNEH” >>>> to see things from WAY UP FAR IN HEAVEN

    hie) By the way, I love the overall wisdom of the overall ETHIOPIA

    hii) But sadly, an ANCIENT Black African Country, with extraordinary History, is on the verge of being mutilated into

    ho) Imagine! what it does to those who have NEGATIVE attitude upon BLACK CO-LOURED AFRICANS?!?!?!
    ————— THE END —————


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