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Fraud Academic credential rampant in Ethiopia  

Ministry of Education building in Arat Kilo, Addis Ababa (Photo : PD)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Individuals who were employed as teachers with fraudulent academic credentials and received salaries illegally for years have been convicted.

Three individuals who were employed in a school with fake academic credentials were found to be teaching without certified qualifications and skills, Tikvah reported here today.

The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Wolkite brought charges against defendants Eyob Dino, Desta Darcha and Belachew Beyene who were arrested while teaching students without their certified skills and qualifications at “Anzire Primary School” in Gurage Zone, Central Ethiopia Region, Tikvah said.

The first accused, Eyob Dino, was hired with fake credentials pretending to have graduated with a diploma from Arba-Minch   College of  Teachers Education in biological science. The defendant has been hired using his illegal academic document since December 2019 as a mathematics teacher at Anzire Primary School and was paid a total salary  of Birr 215, 739, according to Tikvah.

The second defendant, Desta Darcha, was employed by Anzire Primary School with false college academic credentials as a teacher of the English Language. The accused  Pretended to have graduated from Arba-Minch College of Teachers Education and has served illegally at the afore-mentioned school since December 2020. During his stay at the school, Desta was reportedly paid illegally a total salary of Birr 119,800.

The third defendant Belachew Beyene submitted a fake academic credential by pretending to have graduated from Arba-Minch College of Teachers Education with a diploma in Mathematics and has been employed as a teacher at the same School since December 2020. The accused, Belachew, was paid illegally a total of 119,800 Birr, Tikvah said.

The news source further said that the three defendants have caused an immeasurable amount of damage to the students while teaching without certified skills and qualifications and caused an estimated loss of Birr 455, 755 to the government by receiving salaries illegally.

The prosecutor filed a charge of corruption for producing and using bogus academic credentials, causing great damage to the government.

It has been submitted in the lawsuit that the accused should return the wages they have received illegally.

The Wolkite Area Supreme Court found all three defendants guilty stating that the evidence presented by the prosecutor was sufficient. 

The Supreme Court sentenced every accused individual to five years terms of imprisonment and passed a decision that they should reimburse the salary of Birr 455,755 which they received illegally including  and a fine of Birr 2,000.

Supply Chain Africa (digital web magazine) reported in March 2023 that Cases of fraud, fake degrees, and fake credentials have been rampant in Ethiopia. Last April alone, the government identified over 200,000 fake degree certificates, according to the magazine. 


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  1. QUOTE: “Last April alone, the government identified over 200,000 fake degree certificates, ………..UNQUOTE

    Humble Opinion, 13 Oct 2023

    1) It is shocking of shockings!!!!!!!!

    2) How could, and would, ETHIOPIA come DOWN to such low, low, low LEVEL of LIFE?!?!?!

    3) “200,000 fake degree certificates” !!!!!!! IN ETHIOPIA?!?!?!?!?!?!

    4) It is simply unbelievable to take it seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5) The cardinal question is: What happened to the well known decency and ‘TCHEWANET” >>> NOT SECOND TO ANY

    6) I repeat, there is something AWFULLY wrong in that BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY

    7) In my honest opinion, it is NOT the time to be engaged in producing so many beautifully written narrations just to
    spend time and display show-off, while ETHIOPIA is going down the drain of the gutter

    8. It does NOT, and NEVER, reflect the image of decency of a Country like ETHIOPIA.

    9. Why, Why, Why, >>>NOW?!?!?!?


    —————-THE END ——————–


  2. Dear Editors,

    The article in link provided in the last paragraph of the article on this page is not related to the topic. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • borkenas were attempting to cheat the public later exposed and now filled with embarrassement

      RIP borkena amhara chauvinist party based in canada , holiest land desecrated by borkena

  3. Four to five years paid amount is 455,755birr and when you compare to one Kenyan teacher salary is above 50,000birr/month so the quality of education comes when you paid good enough salary for teachers. Otherwise whether they have fake documents or very high score graduated teachers its the same morally, sometimes fake teachers are very hard and careful when he teaches cause he knows what he is so he’ll try to prepare himself before class


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