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Who is Poised to Save Amhara from Extinction?

Aklog Birara

Forgive me for flooding you with a barrage of information and comments. Take it from me. I would have loved to travel to a few more countries  I have yet to see  like Vietnam and Cambodia rather than worry about Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people, most of all Amhara.

In my assessment, the UN or the AU are unlikely to send Peace Keeping troops to Ethiopia and prevent genocide. 

In the below interview with Hbre Radio’s Habtamu Assefa, I argue, based on evidence on the ground, that the only force that can prevent an all-out genocide of Amhara and its allies. This is the reason why I call on All Amhara and friends across the globe to unite and support this popular movement. 

Video : embedded from Hiber Media Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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