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State Minister Tesfaye Beljige sees backwardness, conspiracy as the main problem in Ethiopia


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has faced significant criticism for its inability to fulfill the fundamental functions of government, specifically ensuring the security of citizens and their right to live and work throughout Ethiopia. Under Abiy Ahmed’s leadership, tens of thousands of innocent ethnic Amharas were massacred in the Oromia and Benishangul Gumuz regions, and the conflict between his government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) resulted in the loss of over a million lives. Currently, a widespread conflict is ongoing in the Amhara region, raising concerns from the United Nations Human Rights body about the potential for genocide in Ethiopia. For ethnic Amhara communities, this genocide has been a longstanding issue.

The ruling party’s legitimacy has notably eroded, at least in many regions of Ethiopia.

However, Tesfaye Beljige, State Minister at the Ethiopian Parliament and one of the senior officials of the dominant faction within the ruling party, the “Oromo Democratic Party,” appears to hold a different perspective, asserting that Ethiopia has made significant progress in the past.

Speaking of the ruling party, although it is portrayed as a single national entity, it essentially functions as a coalition, akin to the defunct EPRDF, consisting of ethnically based regional structures under the leadership of the Oromo Democratic Party.

Regarding the ideological orientation of the ruling Prosperity Party, he said the party does not have a dogmatic position on ideology. “Pragmatism” is what he said is his party’s ideological position.

He was asked about the government’s role in the ongoing security crisis in the country and the constitutional support for it. He shunned it.

You can watch his two-part interview below.

Part II

Video : embedded from Walta Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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