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Ethiopia’s Journey under Abiy Ahmed’s Premiership: Fragile/Failed State?

Abiy Ahmed _ Ethiopia _ Oromummaa

By Hanna Alemu 
Follow her on Twitter : @tikursew05


Ethiopia has gone through a large scale of violence in the past five years, resulting in a bloodbath, mainly  along ethnic lines. Despite all the hopes for democratization and good governance after the removal from  power of TPLF in 2018, there have been countless missed opportunities for the ruling Prosperity Party to  right the wrongs of 27 years of brutal rule under the TPLF-led EPRDF regime. It did not take long for many to question Prosperity leaders’ willingness and competency to maintain the nation’s peace and  security after witnessing their appalling and unprovoked calls for the destruction of historical, social,  cultural, and religious institutions that hold together the nation in unity. Furthermore, prosperity officials  have been actively engaged in worrisome rhetoric of historical revisionism to reverse history and incite  violence between various ethnic groups based on false narratives. The Oromo-led Prosperity Party also  demonstrated its willingness to forfeit the peace and security of all Ethiopians in favor of pursuing a  delusional Oromo-supremacy agenda, by all means. This dedication to anarchy on the side of Prime  Minister Abiy Ahmed and his Oromo officials has only led to the demise of state institutions, which are  solid indicators of a fragile state well on track to be a failed state. Unless reversed as a matter of urgency,  the current situation will threaten the stability of the greater Horn region, thereby affecting global peace  and security.  

What is a Fragile/Failed State? 

The term “failed/fragile state” describes nations where governmental authority has completely or partially  crumbled, such as Somalia, Libya, and Yemen. Although there are suggestions that the conceptual  foundation for fragility may be misleading in that it may be misinterpreted to mis-tag non-Western states  with misaligned policies, the criteria can still offer a realistic picture of the condition of a country’s  volatility. Accordingly, a state that cannot consistently uphold its ideals, provide its citizens with  fundamental rights like safety and security, or where the nation’s faces are rampant crime, inefficient and  rigid bureaucracies, nepotism, ineffective legislation, and military involvement in politics can indicate that the state is failing or is already in danger of collapsing. 

Fragile states have unreliable governments since they do not compile thorough crime and education  records, which makes it challenging to pinpoint whether they are, in fact, fragile. However, these nations are marred by crises in one or more subsystems, and they are vulnerable to both internal and external  unrest as well as local and international conflicts. Fragile nations are assessed in terms of their  vulnerability, fragility, and risk so that policymakers can respond appropriately. On the other hand, the  term ‘failed state,’ which refers to the complete collapse of a sovereign government, is used to describe the  breakdown, failure, or collapse of a state. It is the most extreme form of state decline where authority and  domestic order are essentially non-existent. An example for this category is Somalia. 

Fragile states are primarily characterized by:

1) Conflict or war 
2) A deteriorating government status 
3) Slow economic performance 
4) Long-term diplomatic instability or deadlocks. 

Where does Ethiopia Stand in Relation to the Risk Factors? 

According to the Fragile States Index 2023 annual report, Ethiopia has joined ‘high alert’ states such as  Yemen, South Sudan, Sudan, and Afghanistan to become a failed/fragile/collapsed state, a category next  to ‘very high alert,’ which includes only Somalia. To give a context, Ethiopia is in worse volatility  conditions than nations like Libya and Ukraine.  

Conflict/ War. Ever since Abiy Ahmed came to power, the nation has witnessed an unprecedented  bloodbath, mainly along ethnic lines. To any reasonable person’s recollection, Ethiopia had never experienced the scale and atrocious nature of killings that it has experienced in the past five years. The  prime minister’s party, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), along with its ethnocentric allies such as the  Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), have been carrying out a coordinated campaign of killing, forced  displacement, sexual assault, and abduction, which have become the norm of the day. These parties are responsible for armed attacks against civilians of other ethnic backgrounds both within Oromia and  adjacent regions. Oromo officials of the Prosperity party are not shy playing grotesque politics in openly  calling for the attack against Amhara civilians and sponsoring mass killings, rape, and abduction of  Amhara children, women, elders, journalists, academia, and other professionals. There are reliable reports  of thousands of Amhara civilians residing in the Oromia region being massacred in masses by OLA fighters, often supported by the ruling party. Furthermore, Oromo regional security forces have been in  constant battle with the regional forces of adjacent regions, i.e., Somali, Gambella, Amhara, and Sidama,  in an effort to expand the regional territory of Oromia. These conflicts have claimed the lives of  thousands of civilians.  

The war in northern Ethiopia that devastated the Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions and killed hundreds of  thousands of civilians is a recent undertaking that left lasting scars for millions. The ongoing war in the  Amhara region where Abiy Ahmed’s defense forces have committed grave human rights violations,  including rapes of children and women, mass and public executions, and extrajudicial killings are only a  few of the crimes committed by the regime’s forces. The genocidal nature and scale of attack against the  Amhara in the past five years, with the government giving the attackers carte blanche for such atrocities,  only further intensified the crimes against humanity. In a typically tyrannical approach, the government  opted for violence and fully engaged in silencing the public’s demand for peace and justice, which  effectively caused and extended the conflict in the Amhara region.  

A Deteriorating Government Status. In the 21st century, where nations strive to adopt democracy tailored  to their national context, the current regime, by all means, is advocating for and enforcing oppression as a  way of leading the nation, dragging the nation hundreds of years of civilization back. The regime’s  ethnocentric Oromo officials have publicly declared on several occasions that every individual in the  country must speak Oromiffa and accept and implement the Gada system, which is a flagrant violation of human rights and an outright forceful imposition of one’s value on others. Religious institutions are not  spared from the oppressive system that publicly announced religions are not allowed to be above Oromummaa, a notion that stipulates Oromization of every aspect of individual and societal way of life.  This effort, in addition to the prime minister’s notorious habit of lying to anyone and everyone, has  significantly eroded the public’s trust in the government. 

The regime’s poor and deteriorating status is further reflected in the limited control it has over various  regions of the country. The Prosperity Party officials, including the prime minister, can barely move outside of Addis Ababa or are guarded by heavily armed personnel when moving around. The national  defense forces have much less control across the nation. Regional forces and militia have more control  over their respective regions and oftentimes clash with each other and with Oromo-run national defense  forces. A case in point is the ENDF’s involvement in the random killings of Somali, Gambella, Amhara,  and Sidama regional security forces. Ethnic-based random killings by armed groups such as Gumuz  armed groups and OLA go unpunished, leading to a growing number of individual citizens taking up arms  to safeguard the well-being of their families and communities.  

Another indication of the regime’s loss of control over the nation is its lack of control over Ethiopia’s  international boundaries. It is reported that Sudan and South Sudan forces have controlled several border  towns within Ethiopia, and the Prosperity regime chose to remain silent about the occupations. In fact,  there are reports that the regime threatened or attacked local militia that attempted to overturn the  occupation by the foreign forces. There are similar developments in the Ethiopian border towns with Somalia, where Al-Shabab forces continue to engage in frequent clashes with Somali regional state  security forces.  

Slow Economic Performance. According to the report by the African Development Bank, both growth  and inflation were adversely impacted by internal conflict and drought, and the fiscal deficit widened to  4.2% of GDP in 2022 from 2.8% in 2021 due to higher defense spending and weak revenue performance. Due to rising import costs for commodities, the current account deficit worsened to 4.0% of GDP in 2022  from 3.2% in 2021. From 2.2 months of import coverage in 2021, international reserves decreased to  around one month in 2022. From 51.0% of GDP in 2021 to 50.1% of GDP in 2022 (with external debt at  23.6 percent of GDP), public and publicly insured debt decreased. In 2020–21, Ethiopia benefited from  the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative. However, Fitch and S&P reduced Ethiopia’s sovereign rating  from B to CCC when it applied for the G20 Common Framework for debt restructuring in 2021. 

Long-term Diplomatic Instability or Deadlocks. Abiy’s government, time and again, miscalculated its  regional and global roles and found itself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Several diplomatic  stances taken by the regime left the government at odds with regional and international historical allies.  On several occasions, Ethiopian and foreign diplomats reportedly allege the prime minister’s misguided  ‘know-it-all’ self-perception as the cause of failed diplomatic efforts. This twisted self-perception  influenced several decisions that had dire consequences. His random and sudden decision to close  Ethiopian diplomatic missions abroad resulted in confusion among host nations, followed by a reversal of  the decision after the damage was done, which indicates a lack of experience or willingness to learn.  Furthermore, the on-and-off love affair with Eritrea and Sudan, the lack of understanding of the political  dynamics in neighboring Somalia and South Sudan as well as the greater Horn region, and the arbitrary

and often embarrassing nature of the prime minister’s behaviors and actions in various platforms is  resulting in a decline in Ethiopia’s global image. The shift of the US in seeking an alternate ally in the  Horn of Africa instead of Ethiopia is one of the indications of the US and the West lowering their  expectations for the regime and the country in its role of being a key player in maintaining regional  stability.  

Consequently, all evidence shows that under the tyranny of Abiy Ahmed and his Prosperity Party,  Ethiopia has effectively drowned in a quagmire that makes a state collapse inevitable.  

Repercussions for regional and global peace and the urgent need to reverse the current pattern. 

What makes the prospect for peace dimmer is that ethnic-based killings have only increased over time,  and the current regime is the single most responsible instigator of violence in the nation. Oromo officials  are engaged in continuous inflammatory speeches cementing their Oromummaa agenda with hate-filled policies and a national defense force enforcing the toxic policies of the ethnic apartheid regime, which are  all received with resistance by other ethnic groups. Neither is the prospect for economic growth bright,  thanks to the incompetence of the current leadership that resulted in a record-high inflation rate of 48% a  year. 

The removal of Abiy Ahmed from his premiership and putting an end to the ideology of Oromummaa with  an end result of a shift in the distribution of power should be the primary agenda of every individual and  group in Ethiopia that is affected by the current regime, and by all means. In this regard, every peace loving Ethiopian should support the ongoing Amhara revolution, which is a result of decades-long  oppression against the Amhara people and an apparent refusal to subjugate to 21st-century fascism. In  fact, in a more nationally coordinated manner, the Amhara resistance should be replicated in other  regional states such as Somali, where the Oromia regional forces conduct frequent attacks against Somali  civilians with the goal of expanding the territories of Oromia. The same applies to Sidama, Guraghe, and  Gambella people and regions who often go through violent attacks by the ruling party. There is no end in  sight to the harrowing situation in the country except by removing Abiy and his fascist party from power. 

On the other hand, external powers that have any vested interest in the Horn should stop underestimating  the extent of damage Abiy and his party are causing to the region. The peace and security of Ethiopia are  intrinsically related to the peace and security of the region and cannot be downplayed. It has been evident  on multiple occasions that Abiy and his government cannot accept the responsibilities commensurate with  their current position. As such, the US, African Union, and other major players in the region should seize the opportunity to abandon their lethargic diplomacy, arrange for Abiy’s departure, and encourage the  formation of a transitional government that equally represents all Ethiopians. Failing to do so will only  exacerbate the ongoing crises in the region, which can significantly create a safe haven for anti-peace  elements, including Al-Shabab, and there is no reason to believe the world needs another Somalia. 

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  1. “” In this regard, every peace loving Ethiopian should support the ongoing Amhara revolution, which is a result of decades-long oppression against the Amhara people and an apparent refusal to subjugate to 21st-century fascism” Apart from the systematic and subtle hate speech hurled against Oromiyaa, this appears(text in qoutes) to be the writer’s main point, but no one would listen to this outcry, and no non-Amhara ethnic member would dance to this music.

    There is not a single Ethiopian non-Amhara member that can support Fanno. Children, priests, nuns, and defenseless civilians were all murdered by Fannos. It is impossible to forget.

    • The EU repeats its call for Gaza’s right to food, water, and medicine under international humanitarian law.

      Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticized Gallant’s call for a complete siege as a form of “collective punishment” and a “war crime.”

      Omar Shakir, the regional director of HRW, told CNN the comments by Gallant were “abhorrent” and accused Israel of using starvation as “a weapon of war.”
      Just as the crooked Abiy Ahmed did, the entire Palestinian population,including children, etc., are subjected to hunger as a weapon which experts labelled it war crime.

      Peace to each & every innocent civilian, regardless of ethnic, religion, race, or nationality;

      ***Do a favor for the USA by voting for the best leader ever,ex-President Donald Trump. In doing so, you will make America more great again than ever before.

      • Amara Fanno’s Cross-Border Barbarism →Here is the tip of the iceberg:

        Fannos Kill Wollega Oromos-1:
        Fannos Kill Wollega Oromos-2:
        Fannos Kill Wollo Oromos:
        Fanno’s Atrocities on Gojjam Amaras:

        NB: ኦነግ ሸኔ also does exactly the same to Oromos & Amaras! So, what we see/hear has nothing to do with Amaras’ or Oromos’ rights →Just the latest Proxy War in the series!

  2. ” In this regard, every peace loving Ethiopian should support the ongoing Amhara revolution, which is a result of decades-long oppression against the Amhara people and an apparent refusal to subjugate to 21st-century fascism”

    Apart from the systematic and subtle hate speech hurled against Oromiyaa and its revered people , this appears(text in qoutes) to be the writer’s main point, but no one would listen to this outcry, and no non-Amhara ethnic member would dance to this music.

    There is not a single Ethiopian non-Amhara member that can support Fanno. Children, priests, nuns, and defenseless civilians were all murdered by Fannos. It is impossible to forget.
    Mahibrekidusan members have been caught red-handed sending money and military supplies to Fannos

  3. Amaras/Amara Diaspora ‘Intellectuals’ [ADI]: The word “Amara/Amhara” has become synonymous with Lie/Dishonesty/Mischief due to the incessant volley of lies by the ADI.

    Abiy & Racist Amara Parties [RAP]: Abiy is of Amara/Christian mom & Oromo/Muslim [O/M] dad. Why do the ADI cherry-pick O/M? Which RAP would have enrolled Abiy?

    Amaras & Oromos: No Oromo lives in Amara Zone [AZ]. Yet, over 15 million Amaras live in Oromo Zone [OZ]. That’s more than the Amaras in AZ & other Zones combined.

    Amaras vs. Hospitality: Ethiopians are UNWECOME in Gojjam & Gonder [G&G]. Yet, most of the >15 million in OZ are from G&G. Why should Ethiopians care about G&G?

    Ethiopia vs. History/Culture/Tradition [HCT]: It’s written-narrated-perpetuated by Amara Con Artists who have kept portraying Amara HCT as the HCT of 86 Ethiopian Ethnics.

    ADI/Putsch/Terrorism: Most ADI are Former Tyrant Rulers [FTR] & their scholarship awardees. All ADI/FTR want is grab power without being elected by Ethiopians [Putsch]. Hence, they launched the Putschists in Fanno Hats: Eskinder+Zemene+Mihret+Mesafint.

  4. Hello to the writer of this long MENEBANEB

    Just like the other writers in Ethiopia I would like to say I like your handwriting but junk content. You failed to understand what happened in the last 5 years and why it happened and how is our Ethiopia handling it. Let me guess this you don’t like certain tribes in Ethiopia since your assessment is against facts on the ground. Unless you are stuck under one of those tribal ACTIVATORS (baby Activists) you should not categorize my country under failed state. We came out of that when TPLF was crucified, How do you or people like you measure things or success? What is the measurement for a country who was rapped multiple times in the past 60 or 70 or 100 years by her own children? how on earth you expect her to look like Dubai lol I was going to say Europe, but Europe is falling so let’s take Dubia for now. It takes a lot of clean citizens for a country to heal fast Otherwise, I am with Dr Abiy and looking forward to another final good war again in my Ethiopia to secure her future. Clean all bad people in Ethiopia to secure the next 50 or 100 years, Dr Abiy is the nicest gov’t with all his patience while dealing with millions of arrogant, Idiots and evil people who only know how to oppose but their brain is dry to generate any good things . You lucky I am not the leader now; I could have cleaned all bad people and surprise her with whatever cost it takes….. who cares about Economy while the society is filled with hate and bad people, who gives a sh**t for western human right buls**t. Please God just like you blessed us once up on a time, please make Dr Abiy the Dictator I am looking for to bypass this bad time filled with bad people. In conclusion lol my eye still on the west, when they get busy with their big upcoming wars, I am sure Dr Abiy will get a chance to squeeze the sh*it out of our local lost generation. That’s why I am still in love with Covid19 lots of countries around the world got free from the western day to day orders and pressure because of Covid. God Bless Ethiopia and may God take his biggest action on people who kills civilians, who abuse civilians at every government office or service center right now.

    • I agree with you on all scores, Teddy. I smiled when you stated the writer should be happy you were not the leader, lest he would have been history by now. A “benevolent government’ is the right form of governing people who had never known democracy in the first place, with a very few ‘brainless learned folks’ who seem to be schooled in the art of ‘copy and paste’ from mainly losers of the world. No idea about solutions, but expert complainers about the ‘sky falling over Ethiopia’.

  5. Amhara students of the 60s were at the forefront of abolishing Feudalism. 60 000 students and teachers were dispatched to distribute free Land To The Tiller in 1975. With just one decree feudalism was done with and the monarchy was gone as well. There was a new beginning. Socialism was only known to the educated class and the students. Some suggested Ethiopian Socialism but they were laughed at. Evidently there was a ‘scientific socialism’ which is universal and scientific. The Ethiopianist students were killed in great numbers soon after and most who survived the red terror fled the country or played dead at home. The ethnic students on the other hand had places to run to and they had a ‘bible’ called Wallelign Mekonnen’s ‘Ethiopia is a prison of ethnic groups.’ Wallelign was Amhara. Him being Amhara ‘proved admission of guilt.’ TPLF named its war campaign in Wallelign’s name when it got in Amhara tribal land in early 90s.

    One can only hope the Fanno of today won’t repeat the same mistakes of its parents. Fanno should do what its grand parents did but in 21st century style. For instance Geressu Duki, Jagama Kello and Abdisa Aga were Fanno leaders of the 1930s. Mussolini, much like PP today, was trying to divide and weaken the resistance by singling out Amhara for abuse. Why did the none-Amhara Fanno stood by their country men and women instead of listening to Mussolini’s false propaganda? At some point Dej Geressu was the man who got even with the infamous Italian spy for causing the kidnapping of Lady Shewareged and the bombing of Ras Abebe’s HQ caused (he hanged that spy guy).

    Well, Oromumma is not honoring the tens of thousands of Oromo Fanno of the 30s any day soon because that goes against its own false propaganda. They killed that famous singer a few years ago for the same reason (the late artist fought against oppression and not for domination of his tribe over other tribes). The Oromumma doesn’t like anything that binds communities together as equals. Certain southern communities who really love Ethiopia with all her shortcomings are the main target of ethnic cleansing today. Oromumma calls them GILGEL Amhara while it kills them every single day.

  6. In the south of Ethiopia, Oromumma is showing off and Shemelis Abdissa is revealing all its evil plan in many of his speeches. Taking their clue from him, other Oromumma adherents in power are posting fascistic remarks on their official social media pages when they don’t say on national TV. The way Oromumma celebrated Irrecha is another show of force, all state media and the PP financed ones were transmitting that all day and night on their TV programs as if that was a national holiday for the whole country (none of the national holidays get that much media attention) .

    Shemelis’s official delegate in Mekelle recently declared war on Amhara and was seeking TPLF’s help to fight that war-this time in Amharic.

    If you google around there are emboldened Tik-Tokers in Addis Ababa with their heavy accents laughing at Addis’s misery and promising more of the same or worse. They often brag about the ‘near total submission of the south’ and advise people to learn Oromigna as soon as they can or else!

    Oromumma adherents in police uniforms are breaking the law and beating up the clergy and peaceful people while being recorded and none of them get as much as a warning from the gov’t. Where can people go when the police is breaking the law? This is happening in Addis Ababa where Oromos are minority.

    The constitution PP swears by doesn’t forbid carrying any kind of flag, let alone the same colors of the national flag on women’s dresses. But they’ve now conditioned the whole nation into abiding by a none existing law during holiday celebrations, including the old church. The Oromumma vigilante is not very smart; and seems to be on a mission to get Oromo hated by the rest of Ethiopia in their drive to get Oromo youth on their side.

    Oromumma can’t bring any meaningful progress in Oromo tribal land. What it’s delivering instead is a license to kill Amhara and other none Oromo Ethiopians in exchange for condos in Addis. And the condos were saved for for decades by residents of the city. The president of Oromo is encouraging the abuse with with his filter-free hate speeches and the Oromumma mayor of Addis is doing the same; giving out condos to murderers while the PM says “there is hate against Oromo in this town.”

    The Field Marshal of retreat talks like Amhara-hating politician and not like a neutral soldier like he should.

  7. But most of all the atrocities against Amhara has the Amhara youth fleeing their homes to join Fanno for lack of alternative. It is always better to die fighting than being killed at home.

    The blind PP supporters try to draw a parallel between the war in Tigray and this one in Amhara but it is only them and not the general public. Ethiopians sympathize with Fanno. Period. The south is being killed by Oromumma every single day –they first get the list of ppl who own legal guns from gov’t offices– and then they come and take the registered weapons from the southerners in a house to house search — and then there is a few weeks of pause — and then they take over your village and call it new Oromo territory, after killing everybody that dare resist. They are now repeating that all over the south where each ethnic enclave is much less populated than Amhara. Massive numbers of southerners in ENDF are deserting for Oromumma’s abuse of the villages where they were recruited from.

    Its with that background the rest of Ethiopia is rooting for Fanno to win this fight. Fanno didn’t slaughter thousands of ENDF in their sleep, neither did Fanno massacre hundreds of Ethiopians in Mai-Kadra in that same week in early Nov of 2020. Fanno was practically begged to join the fight in Tigray by all kinds of Gov’t officials and by the ENDF generals on retreat. ENDF would’ve certainly lost the war w/o Fanno’s much needed help. Fanno was officially told to keep the guns it captures. Fanno’s number grew exponentially and halted the so called primitive ‘human wave tactic’ to which the retreating ENDF had no answer for – except retreating more leaving behind heavy weapons and tens of thousands of soldiers each and every time it did. (many POW still in TPLF prisons)

    IC is turning against Oromumma. Oromumma is not a sophisticated system, it is rather in-your-face-kind of brute with a totally false narration of history (Asafa Jalaata and the likes are removing some of their extreme Oromumma articles from websites as we speak). There are no huge gold or uranium mines to finance the ethnic cleansing of Amhara being done by Oromumma.

    The PM, Shemelis, Adanech and Berhanu Jula want the West to finance their killing spree of Amhara and other none Oromo Ethiopians.

  8. Subject: “Ethiopia’s Journey under Abiy Ahmed’s Premiership: Fragile/Failed State?” October 11, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 13 Oct 2023
    May I ask, please ????
    a) And it is not a joke.
    b) Let us assume something
    c) Assume that Abiy Ahmed disappears tomorrow, 14 Oct 2023
    d) Begging for Answer, will Ethiopia miraculously change overnight?
    e) Of course not
    f) Then how long does it take to go back to a specific admirable past ?
    g) Take your choice of the past
    h) If there is no specific earthly answer, let nature takes its own decision.
    i) For sure, ETHIOPIA will come out vastly different by …….. [I don’t wish to mention names here]
    J) Hence, peacefully, I STOP HERE — without saying a word

    ——————— THE END ——————–

  9. While it is undeniable that Ethiopia has faced significant challenges under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s leadership, it is crucial to consider the context and challenges of the situation before labeling the nation as a fragile or failed state.

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has made significant strides in various areas regarding Ethiopia’s journey towards stability and under his leadership there have been peaceful resolution of conflicts like reconciling with neighboring Eritrea, ending a long-standing conflict and contributing to regional stability. Diplomatic initiatives, such as the peace agreement signed with Eritrea, demonstrate Abiy Ahmed’s commitment to resolving historical disputes peacefully.

    His government initiated economic reforms aimed at liberalizing key sectors, promoting foreign investment, and fostering entrepreneurship. These measures are designed to stimulate economic growth in the long run, though challenges remain, especially given the poverty and economic disparities within the country.

    The political landscape in Ethiopia has witnessed significant changes, including the release of political prisoners and the opening up of political space. Abiy Ahmed’s efforts towards democratization, albeit facing hurdles, mark a departure from Ethiopia’s authoritarian past.

    His government has made attempts to address historical grievances, promoting unity among diverse ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Initiatives like the return of exiled political leaders and efforts to create a more inclusive political environment signify steps toward national reconciliation.

    Abiy Ahmed’s government has encouraged civil society engagement and participation, allowing various voices to be heard in the political discourse. This inclusivity fosters a sense of ownership among the people, vital for any nation’s stability.

    Challenges undoubtedly persist, but it is it is essential to acknowledge the positive efforts made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to steer Ethiopia toward stability, peace, and economic progress. Our perspective is crucial to understanding the realities of Ethiopia’s political and social landscape.

    Rushed international intervention without a clearer understanding of the situation may do more harm than good, potentially undermining the nation’s sovereignty and the genuine progress being made.

  10. Abiy Ahmed can not pass a second without plotting violence and Genocide. He is a danger to society. He’s loosing the Amhara Genocide Abiy’ Ahmed made war in Amhara zone . But massacring and raping innocent unarmed Amhara because the plot is to kill every Amhara whether they are Fano or not. That’s the evidence of Amhara Genocide that must be documented and known to the entire world.


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