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Insinuating about homosexuality Ethiopian PM says “time for Ethiopians abroad to return home, rescue their children”

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Abiy Ahmed speaking at the Tourism and hospitality event (Photo : screenshot from OPM video)


In a speech he made on tourism and hospitality events, he said:

“For Ethiopians, it is time that we think inwards, not outwards.

It is only natural that anyone wants to have offspring to ensure continuity. Continuity, in terms of having offspring, has become difficult in other parts of the world. Raising children to grow in accordance with their nature has become difficult. Those who live abroad know this.

The time is not only one that we struggle against poverty but also one to bring out Ethiopia’s good and gather together. Immigration used to be for Ethiopia but now it is time that we think about coming to Ethiopia.

It does not make sense if we are to lose our children after we get our degrees, make money, and get home with a mortgage and car. it is meaningless.

The only way to rescue children is with the country’s values, and culture, and those who tasted the disease know about it. The frustration abroad – especially at the level of the family – is very high. It is time to come home and develop the country.”

Clearly, he was talking about challenges parents abroad are facing in connection with homosexuality without saying it directly – apparently an exercise of “political correctness” as his government relies on aid from institutions like IMF and World Bank, and donor countries.

He has a reputation for speaking on topics that resonate with his audience, even when he does not care about or believe in them. – as it is his style of manipulation. Clearly, he is aware that parents living in the developed parts of the world are facing problems in relation to raising children in a homosexual culture and he targeted them in his speech.

Given the reality that his administration made Ethiopia known for a security crisis to the point that Ethiopians are not able to move from place to place in the country and the rampant ransom kidnapping – mostly in the Oromia region – not to mention the ongoing bloody conflict in the Amhara region.

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians were killed over the past five years due to politically motivated massacres which the government linked to OLF Shane, a radical Oromo ethnic nationalist group. Millions of Ethiopians have been displaced due to the security crisis.

Abiy Ahmed is widely criticized for deepening the political divide in Ethiopia along ethnic lines. In recent times, he is increasingly linked to the political force in the country that is relentlessly working to Oromize Ethiopia.

Watch his speech in the video below:

Video : embedded from Office of the Prime Minister Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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