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Oromummaa God : An Open Letter to PM Abiy

Neither Kronos nor Zeus is a Good Role Model for You 

Oromummaa god _ Abiy Ahmed
Photo illustration source CNN

Yonas Biru, PhD 

In Greek mythology, Kronos is one of the worst Greek gods. He was cruel to his wife and  children. Fearing that his children would one day grow up and overthrow him, he swallowed  them as soon as they were born. His wife successfully concocted a plan to save their last  child, Zeus.  

She supplied Kronos with potent alcohol until he was drunk. When he woke up, she  convinced him that he had swallowed the newborn when he was drunk. She saved Zeus and  sent him to an island, Crete. Zeus grew up in Crete and returned to avenge his father. He  overthrew his father and anointed himself as the new god in his stead.  

Sadly, Zeus developed fear that his wife may one day conspire with their yet to be born  children to overthrow him. To avoid such a future threat, he swallowed his wife whole! 

Dear PM Abiy: 

Having swallowed Lemma Megersa, Jawar Mohammed, and the likes of Merera Gudina, you  have now made yourself the undisputed Oromummaa god. Outside of your tribal kingdom,  you have swallowed Amhara PP and TPLF. They have declared their allegiance to you. Their  leaders do not even pee without permission from the Oromummaa god. You are now tiring  to swallow Ethiopia whole. 

Remember that those who tried to swallow Ethiopia whole have perished. If Benito  Mussolini, with his top Generals Rodolfo Graziani and Pietro Badoglio, failed to do it, you  sure cannot make it happen with a Field Marshal of retreat (Berhanu Julla) and Oromummaa  demigod wannabe (Shimeles Abdissa). 

Dear Prime Minister: 

Your strategy to hang the threat of genocide over Ethiopia to stay in power is a futile gamble.  Ethiopia is not Rwanda. It is one of the most strategic lands in the world. The world will not  stand idle as you push such a nation into a genocidal civil war. The US has enough military  force in Djibouti. The world is closely monitoring the situation. If it tips toward a genocidal  war, they will send troops to take you out dead or alive.  

Remember June 2021, when TPLF was marching towards Addis Ababa. The US believed  allowing TPLF in Addis was a recipe for a genocidal civil war. Their only interest to send US  troops was to stop TPLF from entering Addis Ababa. Sadly, the idiot Amhara intellectuals at  home and in the diaspora were መጃጃልing, claiming Biden was preparing to join the war 

theater to bring TPLF back to power. How can an entire intellectual class be this stupid I do  not understand?  

You are lucky that you are still in office despite your repeated reckless actions. The only  reason is because there is no party or coalition that has won the support and confidence of  the international community. Remember you were ushered into office with help from the  international community after the TPLF led government proved destabilizing. You are  existing in borrowed time. 

The purpose of this open letter is to advise you that your gamble will not help you to swallow  Ethiopia whole. It will ensure your demise.  

Do two things: (1) Stop the war because you will never win, and (2) get rid of your evangelical  ጠንቁዋዮች out of your palace. Their “God Showed Me You Will Win” and “God Told Me You Will  Prevail” prophesies are utter lies. God does not advice anyone to go to war. Your evangelical  ጠንቁዋዮች are the sources of your demise.

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  1. 1. Abiy is the best thing that has ever happened to Ethiopia! He stood up for Ethiopia rain or shine! He refused to sell Ethiopia to Egypt & the White Supremacist West [WSW]!

    2. Abiy was the OLF-IFLO/OLA’s very first assassination target right at Mesqel Square! Bundling him with them is a travesty of justice! What is in it for you for doing that often?

    3). Amara Zone [AZ] War: The Amara Putschist Front Fanno launched its Elected Amara Officials’ Murder Spree, put on Fanno hats, and started the war. Was Abiy supposed to join them in their Murder Spree? Murder is Capital Crime! Murderers MUST stand Trial!

    4). Haile-Selassie Era Feudal Monarchy’s Ethiopia: The Ethiopia dubbed “The Bread Basket of Africa” turned “World’s Poster Child of Famine” →

    5). Derg-Meison/EPRP Era’s Socialist Ethiopia: Adding insult to the injury, “We are the World” became ‘World’s National Anthem for Ethiopia’→

    6). TPLF-EPLF Era’s Ethiopia [1991-1998]: The Egypt/WSW-backed Secessionist Duo invaded-&-occupied Ethiopia, ethnically polarized Ethiopians, defiled Ethiopian Identity, cloned banks and went on Terrorize-Kill-Loot Spree.

    7). TPLF Era’s Ethiopia [1998-2018]: Tigrayan millionaires mushroomed. TPLF & its Ethnicist Gofers set up self-serving government, judiciary, army, law enforcement, etc. TPLF didn’t even help Birhan Woldu [Tigrayan child that TPLF used as Famine Poster].

    8). Abiy’s Ethiopia → The World’s Poster Child of Prosperity & Greenery: His Ethiopia is on the horizon →against all odds: WSW’s Economic Warfare [trade embargo, loan/aid revocation, drastic currency devaluation, etc.], drought, locust, COVID, Proxy Wars, etc.

    • Hahaha, how ignorant, brainwashed, hateful, uneducated outlook on the fake”Dr.” Abiy. He will swallow his Oromo brothers , his Ahmara brothers, his Tigrean brother because he follows the ancient Roman tactic of divide and rule. His allegiance is only to him self and how he will stay in power indefinitely. He is willing to bite the hand that fed him ((US and EU) he invited a foreign force (Eritrea) to fight his own people!! No one has ever done this before. I laughed the minute i heard that his mother “prophesied” at the age of 7, he would be the 7th kind of Ethiopia This is laughable in any democracy amd also by simple decency or humbleness, its not something you announce to the world and not be laughed at. My mother imagined me to become an astronaut…but that didn’t happen.
      In short Abyi is a lizard who will shape colours at will and survive in harsh environments by eating any kind of food.
      Get rid of this dangerous genocidal man soon my Ethiopian brothers

      • As NGO, you could have done Gondèrés a huge favor had you helped them with Sanitation Facilities, Potable Water, etc. than supporting Murderers wearing Fanno Hats.

        Abiy’s massive multi-pronged self-sufficiency agricultural, industrial, etc. projects are putting the WSW & its Wagner Group [WB, IMF, NGOs, UN, EU, etc.] out of business.

        I’m sorry if you became collateral damage to Ethiopia’s such 21st Century Self-Sufficiency Projects. No wonder why the WSW’s Wagners [Dr. Yonas (WB), Dr. Aklog (WB), A. Marvos [NGO], former regimes’ scholarship PhDs] demonize Abiy 24/7/365.

        If Abiy is so bad, why did Dr. Yonas plead to Abiy over-and-over to be reinstated at the WB? You see, I sensed mental issues and contacted the Emmanuel Hospital in Addis, but the hospital answered: “We have no place for Alumni!” →Like ‘Repeat Offender’?

        How is your Gondèré wife’s ፍሩንዱስ? Gondèrés are good at ፍሩንዱስ & እስክስታ! Since Ethiopians are the least welcome in Gondèr & Gojjam [G&G], each time I had to go to Gonder, we had to dine at the Italian Restaurant. Of all people G&G whine about Hospitality?

  2. mognu is like his name…mogne. It is good that Ethiopia has someone who is talking to the world about the horrible situation we are in – because the monster has silenced all critics, newspapers, …we are even afraid to lose our jobs if we say something against oromuma…so wher is this leading us? The world shoul know and Yonas’ outcry is good. We shall prevail.

    • እርሶ ደግሞ – ሞኙም እንደ እኛ – በእነ እስክንድር/ዘመነ/ምሕረት/መሳፍንት/ወዘተ ዓይነት – ፀረ አማራ እረኞች – እንደ ሠንጋ መንጋ – ለምን አልተነዳም ነው የሚሉኝ? እግዜር ይቅር ይበሎት! አሁን እርሶም ኼደው መስቀል ይሳለማሉ አይደል? የፈረደባቸው ፖለቲከኛ ምስኪን ቄሶች!

    • እሱን ይተውት እና – በጉዲፈቻ ለኦሮሞ የተሰጡትን >15 ሚልዮን ስደተኛ አማራዎች – በደንብ ተንከባከቧቸው:- ጨጨብሳ በቅቤ፣ እርጎ በክቡር ዘበኛ ብርጭቆ፤ ወዘተ →ምስኪን ስደተኞች ናቸው! አደራ ሰጥቼዎታለሁ!


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