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Hongqi E-HS9 – Chinese luxury threatens to dethrone European brands 


Hongqi E-HS9, a Chinese luxury car, is getting favorable customer reviews. 

In a review published on Youtube,  Wallay Blue whose video on Honqi got well over two million views in one month, wrote : 

“An unexpected contender from the Chinese automotive industry is poised to dethrone all luxury carmakers in every aspect imaginable. This includes design, technology, and even pricing, which will undoubtedly astonish you as we explore further in this video.

The car in question is none other than the Hongqi E-HS9, a luxury vehicle that seamlessly combines engineering prowess with traditional craftsmanship. This exceptional automobile has set its sights directly on one of the finest luxury cars in the world: the Rolls Royce Cullinan.”

Watch his video review : 

Video : embedded from Wallay Blue youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. EU car makers, Germany in particular are “shaking in their boots”, after news brock a few weeks back.

    The EU commissioner, Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, “has ordered an investigation” ..
    Not sure what they are going to “investigate”?
    One might think perhaps, why their industries are becoming less comparative/incompetence, and again the tone & the term “this is not acceptable” indicates… much more than that, maybe even in the area of perhaps : “… how dare the chinses do this, cars are in our domain,…” kind of way.

    Following the Huawei New phone release with their ‘home-grown’ advanced chip than the Apple one, (around the same time frame ) the US officials all the way to Biden him self were not only “shaking in their boots” like the Europeans, they quickly moved to the bad-name-calling, suggesting “they cannot reach to this level of advancement, unless they have stolen it… “.
    Yet, all the “experts” that opened and looked at the internal components of the Huawei new chip, all were astounded with the level of advanced technology & components of design-sophistications found their in were much more advanced than any American made chips, and all the finger pointing disappeared like a morning- dew…

    The Chinses universities are pumping out outstanding and much more advanced technologist, engineers, and the likes… And the Chinese universities rankings in the world stage is fast climbing to prominent positions.
    Soon the worlds university ranking will be taken over by the Chinses ones… before this decade is over…currently there are 2 Chinese universities in the top 30, in the 2023 world universities-ranking.


    2023 Chinese University Ranking


    Here is what we all need to prepare ourselves on, ‘things are changing in a big way”.

    I do not want to bore you with ‘the Maya 2012’ talks, or our own “የ 8 ኛውን ሺ ዘመን” I grew up hearing…
    But from this time forward everyone living is going to witness something very different from what we all used to. What once were thought myth and unnatural or miraculous will become natural, what was not remotely possible will become astonishingly possible at a faster rate, than usual.

    New invention , a much better & easier ways of doing things, what once took decades and centuries will become an everyday thing, just like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    From a horse to a car took several millennia, gasoline engine to electric motor decades, jets to drones months… human labor/mechanic/writer/driver/teacher/pilot/neurosurgeon/etc. to robotics & GBT-4 months… and to the next generation open-AI (AI) would be measured perhaps in weeks and day/hours/minutes..?

    Exciting time ahead!!!

    Be well.

  2. I am sure many of you have seen this video , which I came across hours ago…


    Anyone of you who have access to Dr. Rodas Tadese, could you please ask him to direct this talented young man to go to the Russian Embassy and see if they already have access to the recent scholarship offering for thousands African students announced by the President of Russia V. Putin after the 2023 Russia Africa summit in St. Pittsburg Russia.

    Russian universities do specialize in the the area of his subject interest, and it would be a great gift both this young man and our Nation if he gets this chance of a life time to develop his exceptional knowhow to such detail as it is…

    Please help contact him and direct him to go to the Russian Embay, the Ambassador in Ethiopia (Addis) does speak fluent Amharic and the kid would have no problem expressing his desire & inclination to learn.

    Thank you!

    Be well.


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