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Industries have gone out of service in Amhara Region due to the war

A textile factory (photo credit : FBC/file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Small scale and medium level industries in Amhara Region have stopped giving service following the war flared up between the Amhara militant, Fano and the Federal Defence Force, sources said

Head of the Amhara Region Industry and Investment Bureau, Endris Abdu, told Amhara Mass Media Corporation that 1, 226 small, medium and high level industries located from Debre-Markos to Bahir-Dar, have stopped working due to security problems in the Region. Endris said that lack of peace in the Region is testing the industry and investment sectors.

The Chief of the industry and Investment Bureau pointed out that industries have difficulties in getting the resources they need in time and are not able to market the products they produce. Mentioning the problems the industries are facing, Endris also said that there are industries that have kept in stock what they have already produced. The war prevented them from taking out their products for marketing, according to the official.

Those who were dependent on the industry are now reportedly out of the business after the breach of peace. Underscoring that lack of peace can cause a universal problem, the chief conveyed his message about the importance of maintaining the existing peace sustainably.

If there is peace, the region can use its vast industrial capacity. If there is no peace, the region’s economic resources will adversely be affected, Endris said. “We should work in unison by taking into account the gap that can be caused by lack of peace,” the chief said.

Endris said that factories remained unharmed because the people of the Region are polite, peace-loving and pro-development. He also stated that although some flower and fruit factories were damaged, most of them have still been kept intact being protected by the people who are concerned for national resources.

Endris said that honesty and peace-loving nature of the community is a great potential to attract new developers to the Region. “We are working to make the Region a favourable investment hub by maximising our good experience and by addressing our problems,” he said. 


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  1. Subject: “Industries have gone out of service in Amhara Region due to the war” , October 6, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 6 Oct 2023
    a) As the black America saying goes >>> “YOU AIN”T SEEN YET ”

    b). Just be patient: ETHIOPIA will turn up side down and fragmented into pieces — never seen before

    c). Then what?

    d) The Proud Ethiopians, that the world had witnessed, will be scattered into pieces around the World — as thankful

    e) How low can one get below such shameful existence [not living]

    f). And so, if the beautiful Ethiopia is searching for that existence, the World will give its hands as RYOYAL SLAVERY.

    g). Dear Ethiopians: IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

    —————- THE END ————————

  2. Subject: ” Industries have gone out of service in Amhara Region due to the war” October 6, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 6 Oct 2023
    a). The World will witness more catastrophe

    b. And the ” Ethiopia” that is being guided by Ethiopians will disappear to oblivion in hiding place — far, far away.

    c). To Ethiopians, that would be an existing — not true Life.

    d). How LOW can one get !!!

    e). What happened to the glorious era of Ethiopia with glorious LEADERS

    f). And so, that will be the END of Ethiopia.

    —————THE END ——————-

  3. This is a shame. It is proof that in stupid wars everyone loses. It is common news that kidnappings are rife both in Oromia and Amhara regions. It is also happening in Tigray region even though it is given hash-hash coverage. In stupid and senseless wars violence is part of the daily diet. It becomes like addiction-inducing narcotics and when the war stops but the addiction continues among many of the fighters. In some countries they become nightmares bringing societies to vertical bloodshed and violence. Just look at Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and off course Haiti. Violence is a daily routine in these countries because they never had the resources, know-how or even the will to properly rehab their former violent rebels back into normal and productive lives. The old country will not be the exception if the right plans are in place and carried out on the long-term basis. Oromos, Amharas and Tigres! Fasten your belt and hold on to your seats. Haiti may be coming to the theater near you!!!

  4. The goal of ODP-PP is to dimininsh the industrial potential of Amhara so that shimellis can boast “we cracked their back”. Why is not the so-clled federal government not talking to Fanno – it talked to the demon tplf and shane. Why don’t the oromo intellects (or ethnic devils in guise) force the or-pp members to back down from escalating the conflict? The aim is clear – finish Fano come whatever and demolish the unitarist Amhara Region once and for all… There is no other fact to explain what this evil PM and his or hench,en are inflicting on the innocent Amhara people. History will judge this….


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