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Over three million students have not yet enrolled in Amhara Region

Amhara region _ Students
Many schools were damaged by war in northern Ethiopia (Photo : file/Social Media)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The number of students enrolled for the new academic year has declined due to the rampant conflict and instability in various parts of Ethiopia, according to sources.

Voice of America (VoA), Amharic service, reported yesterday that a significant number of students appear to be out of school for the upcoming Ethiopian academic year. 

The Amhara Regional Education Bureau, which had planned to enroll 6.2 million students, was compelled to receive half the expected number, as reported by VoA. “More than 3.2 million students have not yet returned to school due to the armed conflict in the region,” VoA quoted the Amhara Regional Education Bureau as saying.

The Benishangul-Gumuz Region had planned to admit close to 305,000 students for this current academic year. However, information from the Regional Education Bureau indicates that it has not been able to achieve its plan, as reported by VoA.

Efforts to obtain information from the Ministry of Education regarding the number of students to be enrolled across the country for this new academic year were reportedly unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Tikvah reported that some zones in the Amhara Region have not yet started registering students due to the war that has erupted across the region. West Amhara areas, North, East, and West Gojjam Zones, including Debre-Markos Town, are among the places that have not started registration, according to the Regional Education Bureau.

The Education Bureau stated that although the security situation in the region has had an impact, registration has been completed in relatively peaceful areas, and some zones have performed better than others, according to the Bureau.

The registration date is not limited, and zones are being encouraged to carry out the teaching and learning process side by side, as reported by Tikvah.


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