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EZEMA’s downward political move – as EVN sees it


The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (EZEMA) is facing widespread criticism for its stance regarding the recent arrest of one of its leaders, Chanie Kebede (PhD).

Reports indicate that Chanie Kebede was apprehended by plainclothes security officers who were operating a vehicle without a license plate number. Furthermore, they lacked a court order for his arrest which makes his arrest unlawful. A week after his detention, he has yet to appear in court.

The party (EZEMA)has released a statement on this matter that seems, in the eyes of many politicized Ethiopians, to distance itself from Chanie Kebede. The statement unequivocally asserts that his arrest is unrelated to his responsibilities within the party and portrays his apprehension as a consequence of the state of emergency legislation.

Once celebrated as a freedom fighter, Berhanu Nega, the leader of the party, depreciating as an “opportunist driven by a thirst for power.” Many feel that he has abandoned his responsibilities as a leader of the opposition, particularly at a time when Ethiopia is grappling with unprecedented repression under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has also initiated a brutal conflict in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

Berhanu Nega appears to hold a different perspective on his actions, believing that he is acting in a “rational” manner and in the best interests of Ethiopia. However, his party’s claim to reject ethnic politics contrasts with his apparent comfort in aligning with the group currently in government, which has faced criticism for its actions that are seen as adversely affecting Ethiopian identity and promoting ethnic divisions, and serving a group that is into Oromizing Ethiopia.

Ethiovoice (EVN for Ethiopia) views EZEMA’s recent political moves and its stance on the arrest of Dr. Chanie Kebede as a “downward spiral.” What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below the video or submit an Op-Ed piece for consideration.

Video : embedded from EVN Ethiopia youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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