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Attack carried out on members of family killed mother and child, injured six others  

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA)  – A mother and child died instantly, while six other people were seriously injured in an attack perpetrated against members of a family belonging to the Mareqo ethnic group in Meskan Woreda, Central Ethiopia Region, sources said.

VoA Amharic service quoted neighbors and families of the deceased and injured people, stating that following the attack, the wounded were transported to Adama General Hospital.

Concerning the issue, VoA could not include reactions from administrative bodies and officials of East Guraghe Zone and the leadership of Meskan Woreda, as they did not respond to telephone calls made to them.

Administrator of the Special Woreda, Mareko, Nigussie Meke, confirmed to Voice of America that two civilians were killed in a brutal attack inflicted by an armed group on the members of a family who were drinking coffee together.

It is to be recalled that VoA reported two days ago, quoting residents about the killings of six people in an attack carried out between September 20 and October 01, 2023.


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