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Communication Bureau of Oromia says special emphasis given to possible threats that may affect Irreecha festival

 Irreecha Oromia region
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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA (BORKENA) – Lately, as public holidays and festivals approach, the city’s temperature gauge exhibits irregular fluctuations. People find themselves uneasy, wondering whether events such as Meskel or Irecha ceremonies will transpire peacefully. The federal and city governments engage in regular meetings with their security forces and other relevant bodies. At this moment, Addis Ababa City and Bishoftu (Debre-Zeit) Town are poised to host the upcoming Irreechaa festival.

The Communication Bureau of the Oromia State Government has disclosed that special emphasis has been given in defence of specific issues that are believed to be threats during the celebration of this year’s “Irreechaa” as a world heritage.

The bureau said that it would work to address the distorted perceptions of Irreechaa and was determined to make it the heritage of all Ethiopians and the world at large.

It also talked about the possibility of certain threats during Irreechaa this year. Consequently, it is said that the concerned body has placed significant emphasis on safeguarding against potential issues, such as viewing the holiday as a source of unrest, exploiting the event for political campaigning, promoting divisive agendas, and attempting to gain unwarranted advantages. These concerns have been identified as potential threats to the Irreechaa celebration, as stated by the bureau.

Emphasizing that Irreechaa promotes values and should not be seen as a source of violence and threat, the bureau underscores its significance.

Meanwhile, discussions pertaining to the Irreecha festival are taking place at the Wereda and Sub-City levels in Addis Ababa, according to the Bureau.

It also added that currently, various festive events are taking place in the city, the bureau said.

Addis Ababa city administration announced that preparations are underway for the celebration of “Hora Finfine” Irecha festival.
This year’s (2016 EFY) Irreecha festival will be celebrated on the coming Saturday in Addis Ababa and the following day, on Sunday in Bishoftu Town, 45 km southeast of Addis.


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