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Ethiopia’s Inept Leadership and Governance Crisis (Aklog Birara)


All of us who believe in the pursuit and enforcement of human rights anywhere on this planet keep dreaming and hoping that the Ethiopian people would some day enjoy peace, stability, human dignity, the right to live without fear anywhere in their homeland and prosper in Ethiopia. 

Tragically, all social, economic and political indicators show the opposite. Abiy Ahmed’s Generals acknowledge, albeit privately, that 100,000 of Abiy’s army members (soldiers) have thus far abandoned their units. A reported 50,000 have joined Fano. 

No one really knows the number of soldiers and civilians killed or wounded in this second civil war that the regime declared in April 2023.. Lack of transparency and disclosure have become the norm in Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s Telecommunications Authority has become a tool of the regime. It shuts down the internet and denies access to the telephone when dictated by the authorities at the top.  Equally, access to electric services are denied to targeted groups; that  is Amhara. 

The stagggering death toll of more than one million lives emanating from the two year war in the north received attention because of pressure and support from Western human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, UN Specializd agencies  and governments like the USA, UK, Ireland and otherss. There are indicators that show these same agencies are paying greater attention to atrocities inflicted on Amhara by the Abiy regime. 

Compounding Ethiopia.s multifaceted problems are these facts: a) The number of Ethioians suffering from hunger has increased dramatically in less than one year–from 20 million to 34 million b) Of the total 11 million are in dire need of emergency food aid c) Each hour every day, 5 persons die either from war or famine. d) Ethiopia  is the exception on this planet for using its defense establishment to attack, kill, mamim and displace its own citizens because they are Amhara, Gurage,  Annuak, Gamo,Tigre and the like. Ethiopia is also the only country that I know that seems commited to population reduction targeting specific segments of tits growing population.  Amhara are prime targets regarless of where they live.  

Making matters even worse, and closing all avenues toward peace, the Abiy regime is reported to have decided that it will implement a program of military administration of Amhara cities. similar to ones imposed by the British in Northern Ireland and by the Chinese in Tibet.  The Ethiopian case is nothing new. It simply formalizes the current town and city centered military occupation, harassment, human rights violation and massive destruction in the Amhara region. 

Military occupation means the license to kill and destroy more. I estimate that citizens will have no option but to fight back rather than experience slow death. This is a bad policy that the international community must condemn now. 

The way out is not militarization or war.  The way out is a peaceful political settlement involving all stakeholders. 

Listen to the attached video and share it. 

Video : embedded from Rift Valley youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video.

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