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Amhara’s Barred From Entering Addis Ababa- Abiy and Oromo Nationalist Apartheid System In Action

Ethio Chronicles

None of us could have fathomed the notion of any ethnic group in Ethiopia being denied access to a city. To even entertain such a thought is beyond belief. The fact that this is transpiring in the 21st century is truly astonishing. The world must unequivocally denounce this apartheid-like system implemented by Oromo nationalists and the Abiy administration.

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Chronicle youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Abiy will tell you he doesn’t know anything about it. The DebreBerhan corridor and Ataly bridge (7 times burned) are key to stifffle Amhara and keep it at bay. No one is surprised about this…but to say that you are doing it to protect the so-called constitution….com’on how stupid can you be (although not unexpected)


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