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USAID Partners’ Summit Highlights Peacebuilding Achievements 

USAID’s Mission Director Scott Hocklander takes a gallery walk with one of our partners at the National Partner Summit for the Ethiopia Support Program, Addis Ababa, September 25, 2023. (Courtesy of U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa)

US Embassy Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa – Last week, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) hosted a capstone activity to mark the successes of its three-year peacebuilding project known as the Ethiopia Support Program.  USAID Ethiopia’s Mission Director Scott Hocklander attended alongside 50 of USAID’s partners including civil society organizations, media companies, faith-based organizations, government bodies, and youth and women’s organizations. 

Participants visited an “Advocating for Peace” art exhibit as well as the “Bridging Communities through Photography” photo exhibit.  Panel discussions highlighted constructive public discourse, the inclusion of women in political dialogue, and a retrospective on the project’s successes, challenges, and lessons learned.  Over the past three years, this USAID project worked with 56 partners to promote sustainable peace and stability across Ethiopia by implementing 107 activities worth $7 million (386 million birr). 

The project had countless achievements, including launching the first ever Ethiopian Women Peacebuilders Network, which continues to play a vital role in harnessing the influence of women in finding peaceful solutions to conflict.  To counter misinformation, USAID supported the establishment of the Tikvah University Telegram channel, which delivers fact-checked content to over 160,000 subscribers. 

As part of the project, USAID also helped develop a curriculum on dialogue facilitation at Addis Ababa University’s Institute for Peace and Security Studies.  The program demonstrates how dialogues around sensitive issues can build respect and understanding, a critical resource that will help the country engage in its nationwide dialogue process. 

All told, the USAID Ethiopia Support Program engaged over 20,000 people in 56,000 hours of dialogue on issues to foster an environment for sustainable peace.  Throughout the program, decision-makers discussed contentious issues to arrive at consensus faster. 


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  1. QUOTE: “All told, the USAID Ethiopia Support Program engaged over 20,000 people in 56,000 hours of dialogue on issues to foster an environment for sustainable peace. Throughout the program, decision-makers discussed contentious issues to arrive at consensus faster. ” UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 2 Oct 2023
    1. “foster an environment for sustainable peace”. >>>>> Good Luck .
    2. Ethiopians are free to develop themselves by themselves to their hearts content.
    3. Ethiopia has rich history to be used as a catalyst for its development, at its own pace of tranquility.
    4. Are Ethiopians TUNED to the necessity of development for their dear ancient beautiful country?
    5. SHOCKINGLY, are Ethiopians actually cracked, heading to breaking into pieces?!?!?
    7. The answer rests upon each and every Ethiopian.

  2. Here goes again Good Ole USA at one of its best. In this world of more interconnected more than ever, sharing experience that results in what is good for the people goes a long way in helping others achieve the same results. Here is USA not holding back its helping hands. We live in the world where it is irreversibly globalized where sharing experiences and making platforms readily and easily available have helped hundreds of millions of people pull themselves out of abject poverty. Mao’s boondoggle of ‘self-reliance behind closed door’ has proven to be all tall tales and a scheme for self-serving individuals and their hand-picked entourage.

    Meanwhile, ask what those two goons in Moscow and Beijing are doing. The one in Moscow is making killings tools of murder and destruction easily available on long term loans so those ‘niggers’ keep killing each other until the last man standing while keeping himself busy killing toddlers and the elderly in Ukraine. The other ruffian in Beijing is so tied up bullying everyone in his neighborhood. Now his sorry behind seem to be in trouble because his economy inseparably dependent on the market in the West is turning shaky. Despots-hunting middle class is right in his face asking ‘where is my money?’


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