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Better to wipe the tears of mothers than to let them cry forever

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The interim president of the Tigray Region has called on the people to prepare for a day of mourning this week. Mourning is not a new trend for the people of this country. They have been crying and wailing for almost half a century.

The prolonged bloody civil war, the Red Terror, tribal conflicts, forceful displacements, mass killings, and incarcerations have caused these unfortunate people to cry their eyes out.

The people of Tigray are fortunate to have leaders who allow them to grieve the entire week. This was a victory they achieved through a long and drawn-out struggle. How fortunate they are to have a “far-sighted leader” who has ensured their “freedom” to mourn! It seems as if he were saying, “My fellow countrymen… you are allowed to cry… to wail.”

The last time I read a news story, it mentioned that out of about six million people in Tigray, approximately 5.4 million are in need of food aid supply. Local media outlets also report that people are dying from hunger in Tigray. The bloody war triggered by the ruling TPLF leadership has brought devastating losses to the unfortunate people in that part of the country.

Infrastructure has been demolished. Schools were destroyed. Factories, farmlands, and airports were shelled and torn down. Above all, the young workforce of the region was decimated by the unnecessary war, driven by madness. Teachers and young students were killed, leaving schools deserted. Mothers were forced to weep over their children who were killed during the war ignited by irresponsible individuals claiming to lead the people.

The madness has not only harmed Tigray and its people but also affected citizens in Afar and Amhara Regions. Innocent people were killed, sustained physical injuries, women were raped, crops were uprooted, burned, and looted. The devastating war has set back the progress of these three regions by 30 years. This has been a complete disaster for the country.

Above all this, over one million Ethiopians lost their lives. Mothers were condemned to weep for the rest of their lives. Crying and mourning have long been their day-to-day activities. Elderly people have lost their loved ones who used to support them.

Now, the politicians tell us that the war in Tigray has come to an end. Yes, the sound of guns has fallen silent in that part of the country. But now, it is the turn of mothers in the Amhara Region. Crying and mourning have become their fate. If there were a Ph.D. (doctoral award) for mourning and wailing for many years, no one would surpass Ethiopian mothers!

Getachew Reda has come up with a “new idea” of mourning freely for a week. He is telling Tigray mothers what they already know. Hey, introduce new ideas that help improve the living conditions of the people. Dry the tears-stained eyes of mothers by providing them with peace, development, and food. Allow the poor, kind, and generous people to exercise their rights. Dry their tears by abolishing war in the region.  


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