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The Sword of Abiy’s Prosperity Gospel & Oromo Nationalism

By Ethio Chronicles

The unholy fusion of the exploitative Prosperity Gospel and the divisive Oromo Nationalism is mercilessly tearing Ethiopia apart, leaving its people in the wake of devastation and chaos. This toxic combination is a scourge on the nation, sowing the seeds of discord, violence, and suffering. 

Abiy Ahmed’s delusion knows no bounds; he treats Ethiopia as his personal church and its 120 million citizens as nothing more than blind followers. His skewed mindset poisons every facet of his governance, where actions and policies are driven solely by this messianic complex.

To exacerbate matters, his unholy alliance with Oromo nationalism has set Ethiopia ablaze. In just the past five years, the country has witnessed the horrifying consequences of his rule: one million lives lost, five million people forcibly displaced, and a staggering 25 million left starving and dependent on handouts. The relentless devastation rages on unchecked.

And what does Abiy Ahmed do amidst this chaos? He builds himself a lavish $15 billion palace, while the Oromo regional government constructs a new palace and city from the ground up. All of this extravagance unfolds against the backdrop of a nation drowning in a bloodbath of civil war and an infrastructure in ruins, highlighting his callous indifference to the agony of the Ethiopian people

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Chronicle youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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