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Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) / Interim Regional Administration (IRA) and the  Current Commotion

TPLF _ Tigray
Fetelework Gebreegziabhier (left) and Debretsion Gebremichael (right). They are said to be among the leading TPLF leaders opposing the Interim administration. (Photo : Social Media)

by Emedo Farda

Despite the signing of the Pretoria Agreement and other peace-related agreements, there have been reports of ongoing violence, human rights abuses, and atrocities in Tigray. The TPLF or the leader of Interim Regional Administration , as a party to these agreements, have not done enough to ensure the full implementation of these agreements or to halt the region’s violence.

The TPLF’s role in the conflict in Tigray and the destruction of Tigray and its people is not a  contentious issue. It began with TPLF initiating the war on the Federal government of Ethiopia in November 2020.  One of the key concerns regarding the TPLF’s culpability is its failure to acknowledge its role in initiating the conflict. The TPLF launched an attack on Ethiopian Federal military bases (Northern Command) in November 2020, which reportedly started  the conflict. Despite the devastating consequences that followed, there has been a lack of genuine remorse or an apology from the TPLF for its role in sparking the conflict.

Incontrovertible now is  the conflict that continues to  exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in Tigray. Tens of thousands of people have been killed, and millions have been displaced or faced food shortages and other hardships. While the TPLF has called for international assistance and support, it must also take responsibility for contributing to the crisis.

The TPLF has been accused of committing human rights abuses and war crimes during the conflict. The international community has raised concerns about TPLF’s lack of accountability for these  crimes. The TPLF should show a greater commitment to addressing these allegations and cooperating with international bodies to ensure accountability instead of pointing fingers on its neighbors.

While the TPLF has acknowledged “internal weaknesses” within the party/leadership, there has been no clear plan or demonstration of concrete actions to address these weaknesses, though the leadership claims it has been meeting for weeks.  No internal reforms are discussed which are crucial for political leaders  to play a positive role in a post-conflict environment.  

As a result reports are numerous about hunger,  rampant disease  and people dropping like flies. Reports also show the  TPLF cadres are demanding fund contributions from people, and  hospitals and other institutions are being robbed and  border towns have become victims of detention centers.  IRA/TPLF  failed and the Tigray people were exposed to worsening social, economic and political problems.

Reconciliation is a crucial element of post-conflict recovery. The TPLF/leadership  should take proactive steps to engage in dialogue with other Ethiopians (Amhara and Afar  groups/war victims) and communities in Tigray affected by the conflict to foster veritable reconciliation and peace.

The TPLF’s participation in the conflict in Tigray and its aftermath raises questions about its responsibility and ongoing culpability. While  highlights point out  some of the steps the TPLF has taken or advocated for, it is essential to scrutinize its  actions in the context of the broader impact of the conflict on Tigray and its people. 

An acknowledgment of wrongdoing, concrete steps towards accountability, reform,  reconciliation and a commitment to peace are crucial for moving towards a more stable and prosperous Tigray and by extension Ethiopia.

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  1. Subject: QUOTE “Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) / Interim Regional Administration (IRA) and the Current Commotion” , September 29, 2023 UNQUOTE: ”

    a) It will result in destruction of ETHIOPIA as a whole, i.e. including TIGRAY
    b) Who is to be blamed ?????
    c) It does not matter !!!!
    e) The “INITIATORS” as a whole will disappear to their safe and respectable places around the Globe
    f). They are what the Good Old American would say >>> “SMART ALECKS”
    g). And who would be left to handle the rotten remains ???
    h) Of course, the ordinary hard working humble ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE
    i). But that is not the end: How about other grievances ?
    j) Poor ETHIOPIA — as if it was not an admirable African Country —-with extraordinary rich history and the envy of so many.
    k). Who ever thought that the beautiful, enviable country, named Ethiopia will end up like this?!?!?!?!?
    ————THE END —————
    Post script
    Dear Ethiopians: May the situation of Ethiopia described above be your ETERNAL GUILTY FEELING — wherever you may be. There is NO hiding from GUILTY FEELING OF REALITY .


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