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Gogot says it won’t tolerate side-lining move against Guraghe People 

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) Gogot for Guraghe Unity and Justice said yesterday that the people of Gurage cannot bear being side-lined and betrayed any more.

Gogot, the political party in Gurage Zone, said this in a statement it released on 28 September 2023  regarding the establishment of special Weredas and the preservation of boundaries of Welkitie Town.

The party vehemently condemned in the statement the establishment of the central Ethiopia Region under cluster formation without the approval of the Zonal council and the consent of Guraghe people.

The party has also pointed out that various legal violations are being committed under the newly organized structure.

The establishment of the new Region and developments observed following the establishment have intensified the public fear that the newly formed region “is a structure established to weaken Gurage”.

Gogot has made strong accusations stating that issues stipulated as principles have been violated openly and the rights of Guraghe people have not yet been respected in the Woredas that were formed  from splinters of Guraghe Zone.

The second thing the party raised in its statement was the issue of border preservation of Wolkite Town.

Regarding the issue of the border of Welkitie Town, Gogot said that the issue of enforcing the legal boundaries of the Town has been hindered for various reasons. Neighbouring Woredas, Kebena and Abeshge in particular, have processed their activities by establishing their seat in  Welkitie Town. These things have reportedly cast shadow over the issue of preserving the border. This has caused regular conflicts in the Zone, according to Gogot.

Gogot has thus listed out in its statement for recommendations. The first is that the Guraghes embraced in the special Weredas should hold a referendum to confirm their desire to continue with the new structure or have their own new structure or to merge with the neighbouring Weredas of Gurage Zone.

Gogot believes that boundary preservation and the work of placing important landmarks are urgent tasks that should not be given time. This will be realized as per the boundary demarcation that was processed between Kebena Special Wereda and Wolkitie Town in 2002.

The party called on the people of Gurage to act with a sense of public concern to protect their rights. Gogot has also called on the government to respect and give due attention to public demands. If the government fails to react positively and promptly to public demands, Gogot will be compelled to organize a peaceful struggle together with the entire people of Guraghe.

It is to be recalled that Gogot for Guraghe Unity and Justice denounced months back the efforts being geared to squash the Guraghe people under cluster structure. The party said that the repressing efforts being promoted by the Council of the South Peoples Region and Prosperity-led government against the respectful people of Guraghe is anti-Constitutional. 


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  1. Subject: QUOTE: “Gogot says it won’t tolerate side-lining move against Guraghe People” September 29, 2023 UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 29 Sept 2023
    a) The subject is way >> way >> way >> …….. over due for Action.
    b) The Guraghe People are very, extremely very, patient people, by any standard, on Earth.
    c) They are admirable hard working people
    d) It is refreshing to hear words like >>> “it won’t tolerate”
    e) Indeed, it is way, way, way over due to identify Guraghe for what they are.
    f) They are — beyond a shadow of doubt — hard working >> honest >> truthful, >> dedicated to what they are and belong
    to dear Ethiopia.

  2. There is no better illustration of this regime’s tyranny than its complete disregard even to the constitution it claims to abide by. What the government of Abiy Ahmed is clearly stating is that the people have no say in their self-determination, one of the key tenets of the constitution. What it is saying in reality is that the country can be sliced and diced at will by the Prime Minister and his cohorts. Abiy Ahmed should, for his own good, pretend at least that there is some kind of rule of law left somewhere in the country by allowing the constitutional process to take its course. Meaning that the people, and no one else, must determine who should and who shouldn’t be part of their particular ethnic enclaves. How can anyone tell me that this is an improvement over the imperial or Derg regimes?


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