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Ethiopian Council calls gov’t to give due attention to citizens whose human rights are being violated

Source : EHRC

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRC) said here yesterday, 28 September 2023 that due attention has not been given to the human rights violations that are taking place in different areas of Oromia Region. 

In a statement the Council released yesterday, EHRC said that four members of the same family were killed in an attack inflicted by militants in Gida Wereda, Ejere Kebele, East Welega Zone of Oromia Region on 13 September 2023. The statement also said that one person was killed in Kiramu Woreda on the same day. On 15 September 2023, armed forces disembarked forcefully passengers who were riding on a vehicle to Gida Town, separated men and killed and wounded several of them at a place called Gara Dicho. 

EHRC said based on information it obtained that human life lost and  physical injuries happened due to an attack perpetrated by government security forces on 02 September 2023.

EHRC has thus called:

  1.  The Oromia Regional Government to immediately stop the multiple human rights violations being committed against innocent people by the government security bodies and armed forces in different areas of Oromia.
  2. The government to shoulder responsibility properly towards the respect of human rights of citizens.
  3. The Governments of the Federal and Oromia Region   to shoulder their respective responsibilities properly to watch and ensure that citizens residing in different parts of Oromia can move around freely and carry out their daily activities in peace.
  4.  The Oromia Regional government to legally hold accountable those security forces and the armed militants who have been involved in the attacks that have regularly been perpetrated, EHRC said. 


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