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Leaked Document Reveals Struggles Within Ethiopian Defense Force Amid war in Amhara region

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U.S.-based Ethiopian media outlet, Anchor Media, this week has unveiled what it said is  a leaked document purportedly originating from the Ethiopian Defense Force. This document sheds light on the significant challenges currently facing the Ethiopian military in its military campaign in the Amhara region, where civilian casualties are reportedly escalating, along with losses incurred by both the Defense Force and Fano Forces.

The document details the widespread presence of the Defense Force throughout the region and its ongoing battle against what it terms an “extremist force.” These operations have proven costly in terms of sacrifices, akin to the protracted conflict with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

Many revelations within the document suggest that the initially envisioned swift military victory in the Amhara region has not happened and the war has transformed into a protracted one. 

A crucial revelation in the document pertains to the significant defeat suffered by the Defense Force, resulting in substantial human and material losses. The document acknowledges that Fano, once underestimated as an incapable group, has proven to be a formidable adversary.

Furthermore, the document attributes the failure of operations against the Fano Group to its alleged infiltration of government structures, resulting in leaked operational secrets.

The Defense Force has also faced challenges from ambush attacks, hampering its mobility and causing minor internal divisions. Reports from other sources suggest a notable number of desertions from the Ethiopian Defense Force.

The document highlights the vulnerability of the Defense Force in the propaganda war and its increasing perception as an enemy in the Amhara region. Additionally, leaked video footage depicting extrajudicial executions by the Defense Force has further tarnished its image.

To address these challenges, the Defense Force is reportedly strategizing to undermine Fano Forces’ political support in the region. This strategy involves engaging with local communities politically and sabotaging Fano’s unity, as well as engaging in criminal activities under the guise of Fano to diminish its popularity.

As of now, there has been no official response from the Ethiopian Defense Force regarding the alleged leaked video.

News video of Anchor Media ( in Amharic) is featured below. 


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