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Another shocking revelation about Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t


In his latest interview with Anchor media, Andargachew Tsige is sharing another shocking revelation about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Administration.

Cocaine seized by custom officers is on sale in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and senior security officials are behind it, according to Andargachew Tsege’s interview.

Abiy Ahmed’s weaponization of the corruption as a means to sustain a hold in power and the distance to which his administration is traveling to crush the FANO movement including by creating religious based division and crafting crime to tarnish the image of Fano as a movement are among the points discussed. Some of the revelations are from a document recently leaked from the defense force.

The Ethiopian government was not responding to any of the allegations and access to information is near to impossible except for selected individuals who are poised as “activists” who seem to get multifaceted support from the government. These individuals, some of them based in the diaspora, are considered to be paid government cadres and they have a huge social media following.

Andargachew’s revealing interview is informative in many respects. He sees the inevitability of the collapse of Abiy Ahmed’s government. Watch the video.

Video : embedded from Anchor Media youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Subject: “Another shocking revelation about Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t” September 29, 202

    Humble Opinion, 29 Sept 2023
    1. Obviously , Abiy Ahmed, the ordinary person, is on the hook
    2. Any rational person would quickly find a way to save his/her soul
    3. What would be the gain out of lingering around.
    4. Hey! Abiy here is a mini advice:
    5. Enjoy life outside government jungles
    6. Very Soon!!!
    7. OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT GET OUT OF THE JUNGLE (or even worse than that)

    —————–THE END —————-


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