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“CIA convinced that Abiy Ahmed can’t lead Ethiopia,” says Diakon Yosef


If the political complication in Ethiopia is primarily linked to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as the origin of the current crisis in Ethiopia, it is inevitably linked to the U.S. interest in the region and how the U.S. behaved in the region.

The coming to power of the TPLF and maintaining a hold in power would have been unlikely, if not impossible, had it not been for the United States support.

The United States continues to make news headlines in connection with the Ethiopian situation. Regrettably some tend to see the U.S. as a solution to the country’s problem when it is the problem – or a great part of the problem.

In an interview with Abebe Gelaw, Diakon Yosef has highlighted some issues in that regard. However, it would be misleading, to say the least, to present the image that the U.S. was puzzled by the attack on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

He also tells us that the CIA is convinced that Abiy Ahmed has reached a point where he can no longer lead Ethiopia. 

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Video : embedded from Ethio Voice Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. QUOTE: “CIA convinced that Abiy Ahmed can’t lead Ethiopia,” says Diakon Yosef” UNQUOTE September 29, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 29 Sept 2023
    a). What the above conviction means is that the Good Old USA had enough of Aby
    b). That is, Aby is no longer in tune with the USA.
    c). Simple , Open, Clear and Credit to the usual Good Old USA — the symbol of frankness that no body can deny.

    ————-No need to waste more words ————–

  2. “USAID the new CIA, in the open…” ???

    Isn’t USAID involved in Tigray region with TPLF & perhaps others as well?

    TPLF origin is said to be started at General Wingate School (where most of the Original members were attending… Hello MI6 & CIA…?

    Link : General Wingate High School

    Hear it from the “horses-mouth” what USAID’s “mission” is all about throughout the world… and make your own opinion.

    Link: USAID & More

    Be well.

  3. “The United States continues to make news headlines in connection with the Ethiopian situation. Regrettably some tend to see the U.S. as a solution to the country’s problem when it is the problem – or a great part of the problem.”

    Indeed, not only here in Ethiopia the Predator-West has been a problem all around the world, with it’s bullying and plundering of other nations’ wealth /resources in the name “Human-Rights” and protecting & spreading “democracy” to no END.
    Though late in coming, the signs are up, and the END is near!!!

    “Putin nails the Western elite system in Valdai 2023 speech”


    “Putin at Valdai, civilizational world order is here to stay”


    The-Predator-West (Europeans-looters) had run its coerce for the last nearly 600 years; they bought and sold just about anything under the sun… As everything has to come to an end , their parasitic-existence is long overdue if they had  some consciousness of their own. 
    Soon the rest of the world can live in peace and have a better life by using their resources for themselves, and choose whatever model of governance that satisfies the needs of their citizens, their “culture” and “tradition”, without being dictated to by no one else.

    Be well.

  4. From Former President of Russia : H. E. Dmitry Medvedev.

    “Начало боестолкновений между ХАМАС и Израилем в день 50-летия начала войны Судного дня – событие, которое можно было ожидать. Вот чем надо было заниматься Вашингтону и его союзничкам. Конфликт между Израилем и Палестиной длится десятилетия. И США там ключевой игрок. ”

    “The outbreak of clashes between Hamas and Israel on the 50th anniversary of the start of the Yom Kippur War is an event that could be expected. This is what Washington and its allies should have been doing. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for decades. And the U.S. is a key player there.

    “Но вместо активной работы над палестино-израильским урегулированием эти придурки залезли к нам и вовсю помогают неонацистам, сталкивая два близких народа.”

    “But instead of actively working on a Palestinian-Israeli settlement, these idiots have crept into our country and are helping neo-Nazis with all their might, pitting two close peoples against each other.”

    “Что может остановить маниакальную страсть Америки поджигать конфликты повсюду на планете?

    Видимо, только гражданская война на территории США.”

    “What can stop America’s obsession with fomenting conflict around the world?

    Apparently, only the civil war on the territory of the United States.”

    As you can see, it is not only in Ethiopia, these Dimwits are brewing chaos & conflicts…
    As the former President said above, soon “the chickens will come home to roost.. ” .

    All the symptoms of “domestic violence” has been underway since 2016, and it hit climax since 2020 with the verbal attacks, the back-door mischiefs, the use of the legal-system /CIA/NSA/FBI on US citizens ( “political opponents”), the silencing of free-speech via ‘social-media’, etc. etc. has been going on, and soon the ever thinning thread could break at anytime between now and the 2024 election (that is going to be stolen yet again) and as they say, “the S*&% will hit the fan” and it will be over.

    Or the $34 trillion Gov, debts & the $17 trillion house hold debt (the mother of all) “financial Armageddon” tsunami will hit first, sooner than the next election, and it will be over… all bets are off.

    ” United States federal government credit-rating downgrades
    Several credit rating agencies around the world have downgraded their credit ratings of the U.S. federal government, including Standard & Poor’s which reduced the country’s rating from AAA to AA+ on August 5, 2011. Wikipedia ”

    That says it all.

    Stay tuned!!!

    Be well.


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