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Motorbikes, Auto rickshaw (Tuk Tuk) banned from streets in Addis Ababa

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) – The Addis Ababa City Transport Bureau announced here yesterday that a ban has been imposed on motorcycles and Tuk Tuk, commonly known as Bajajs, out of City streets starting from 6:00 pm late last night.

The message the Bureau released was supposed to address in particular motorcyclists, four-legged and three-legged Bajaj drivers. Accordingly, starting from 6:00 PM on 25 September 2023 until 6:00 AM on Tuesday 10 October 2023, driving motorcycles, four and three-legged vehicles is strictly prohibited.

The City Transport Bureau stated in its message that the ban does not concern bodies that are serving at security and traffic control sectors.

Addis Ababa City Transport Bureau has requested both owners and drivers to wait patiently until the specified days expired. “Strict measures will be taken against those who violate this regulation,” the Bureau urged.

The Transport Bureau did not make public the reason why it has imposed the ban on the stated means-of-transport (vehicles). 


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