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Insider says Party Chief probably detained for commenting against gov’t defence force

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Chane Kebede (PhD) (Photo credit : SBS)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –  An inside source from Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (ECSJ) released a message saying that the party leader, Dr. Chane Kebede was probably detained following his grievances and denouncements over the killings of his relatives for their alleged support to Fano militants. 

Party Chairman whose relatives were reportedly killed by government security forces in Debre-Markos Town of Amhara Region was heard saying at the meeting of party executive body that the government defence force “is not killing Fano. It is rather killing innocent people by taking them out of their homes and by chasing them out in the streets. We should not remain silent on this,” party insider said. 

Dr. Chane reportedly said this by recounting experience about the loss of his kinsfolks in Debre-Markos Town, East Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region…

The insider expressed doubt that Dr. Chane was detained by the security forces following his speech at his party’s high level officials gathering. 

Dr. Birhanu Nega was not comfortable with Chane’s denouncement against the defence force and allegedly commented on the occasion that “the government will never tolerate the Amhara extremists within the party”. Taking this as evidence, the insider who was in attendance at the said leadership meeting voiced the argument that Birhanu Nega (professor) “may play the significant role behind the detention of Dr. Chane”.

The insider of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice further said that following the detention of Chairman of  ECSJ, Dr. Chane Kebede, the statement issued by the party against the “detention” was solely made to reflect as if the party felt concerned and denounced the action.


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