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One million refugees  in various parts of Ethiopia exposed to danger

Internally displaced-Ethiopia
Ethiopia is said to have more than four million internally displaced people. Photo : file/from the web

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) Lives of one million refugees accommodated in shelters located in various parts of the country have been exposed to danger following the disruption of supply of food aid, sources said adding that the situation has become a threat to the security of the country. 

It is to be recalled that a few months back, the World Food Program and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) stopped their aid supply to Ethiopia due to the looting of aid grain in the country, the Weekly Amharic, Reporter said.

Although the Ethiopian government says it has been discussing the restarting of the food supply, foreign refugees who have been in shelters in Ethiopia are dying and falling sick from hunger, the Refugees and Returnees Service said.

In a statement the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) released recently, the lives of about 400,000 refugees in camps in the Gambella Region are in danger due to lack of humanitarian aid and called for immediate action.

The Commission has confirmed through its supervision that refugees who have not received aid since last month have been exposed to sickness and death due to starvation.

EHRC quoted the Refugees and Returnees Service Institute as saying that 30 people died in Gambella alone and children under five years of age fell ill from hunger.

Commission’s office head in Gambella Region, Abel Adane said that the EHRC has monitored three shelter camps in the region. He urged the concerned government bodies and international aid organizations to provide urgent solutions as many refugees are in a devastating situation.

Public Relations Head of Refugees and Returnees Service, Beakal Nigussie, said that while Ethiopia receives refugees and provides protection as per the international law, the suspended aid supply has caused a crisis.

Beakal said that the problem is being witnessed in all shelter camps located in the country. Unless the food aid is provided at the moment, and if immediate action is not taken, the problem may get worse.

The report indicates that there are about 400,000 refugees in Gambella Region; 200,000 in Bolo Melkadida of Somali Region; 90,000 in Asosa  of Benishangul; 68,000 in Afar; 50,000 in Jigjiga of Somali Region; 25,000 in Babat of Amara Region including 40,000 in Metema. There are also about 80,000 refugees in Addis Ababa, according to the news source. 

Reporter further indicated that over 900,000 refugees in Ethiopia have been waiting for food aid supplies. 


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