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Ethiopian Human Rights Council calls on gov’t to hold perpetrators of crime responsible in Siltie Wereda

Silte Guraghe _ church attack
Google map of Ethiopia. Silte is indicated in dotted lines.

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRC) has called on the government to hold legally responsible  the alleged perpetrators of crime against Orthodox laity in Qibet Town of Siltie Woreda, Central Ethiopia Region.

EHRC has disclosed its investigation on various human rights violations inflicted recently on followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo faith in Qibet Town, Siltie Wereda of the Central Ethiopian Region and called on the government to scrutinize the issue and bring the   individuals who allegedly commit the crime before the law.

The administration of the Siltie Zone refuted the allegation and said that the statement issued by the Ethiopian Human Rights Council regarding the problem happened in Qibet Town, was “false and unbalanced.”  

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) called on recently  the relevant government bodies and the religious fathers to look into the atrocity and suffering the Orthodox Christians have gone through in the Siltie Zone of South Region so that the immoral acts will not cause religious conflict.

The General Manager at the Office of the Patriarch of EOTC and the Archbishop of Bahir-Dar Diocese, His eminence Abune Abraham said that innocent Orthodox Christians were injured and lost their properties following the orchestrated attacks and atrocities inflicted by Muslim extreme forces in the Siltie Zone. Over 1000 Orthodox laity were displaced and took shelter at St. Mary Church in Butajira Town of Gurage Zone.

Meanwhile EHRC has requested that the relocation of government employees of the recently demolished Southern Nationalities and Peoples Region should be accomplished in a  transparent and fair manner by taking into consideration the employee’s needs, family unity, social and health conditions. 


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  1. አቶ ጀዋር ና ሀብታሙ አያሌው ሕዝቡን ሰላም ስጡት (Oromo , Tigray and Amahar are brothers and sisters(all Ethiopians) አቶ ጀዋር ና ሀብታሙ አያሌው ሕዝቡን ሰላም ስጡት (Oromo , Tigray and Amahar are brothers and sisters(all Ethiopians)

    “Over 1000 Orthodox laity were displaced and took shelter at St. Mary Church in Butajira Town of Gurage Zone.””
    Leaders of the Orthodox Church in Addis Ababa, including those in the other towns, should assist these innocent men and women who have been forcibly evicted. Among displaced persons, toddlers and children of all ages can also be seen. St. Mary Church members in Butajira Town, Gurage Zone, can’t afford to provide these Orthodox Church members with humanitarian relief on a daily basis.
    ምዕመናንን መበዝበዝ ብቻ ሳይሆን የቤተክርስቲያኒቷ መሪዎች እና አቅሙ ያላቸው የቤተክርስቲያኗ ተከታዮች ጭምር በሃይማኖታቸው ምክንያት ሲሰቃዩ ሲንገላቱ የሚስተዋሉትን የክርስቶስ ወገኖችን መደገፍ ይገባቸዋል፥፥መንፈሳዊ ሃይማኖታዊ ሰብኣዊ ግዴታም ጭምር ነው፤፤በውስጥም በውጭም ያሉ አባቶች ልጆቻቸውን አስተባብረውም ሆነ ከራሳቸው ገቢ ሊረዱ ይገባል፥፥በአንድ ወር ከመቶ ሺ በላይ ከዚም እስከ አንድ ሚሊዮን የሚጋፍፉት ከምዕመናን በተሰበሰበ ሀብት ነው፤ይህ ደሃ ህዝብ ነገ ሰላም ቢፈጠር እንኳ በኢኮኖሚ በእርሻ ልማት ዉጤት ከነበረበት የምርታማነት እርከን ከነበረበት ለመመለስ እና ራሱን ለመቻልም ሆነ ለሀገሩ እገዛ ለማድረግ ካነሰ ከአንድ ዓመት ከዚያም በላይ እንደሚወስድበት መገመት አያዳግትም፤፤
    Outside of the plow-in time and the harvest season, farmers are always working in their fields and gardens and getting ready their land and equipment for the following farming seasons all throughout the year. It is obvious that an ongoing war will have an impact on both the current harvesting task and the farming process over the following several years when violence occurs and people are displaced. As a result, Ethiopia will experience widespread poverty and criminal activity in the years to come. Ethiopia’s future will be more in danger as long as the war continues to spread and doesn’t finish soon enough.

    The best way to predict the future is to design it:

    The fall of Ethiopia has already been planned and designed by those who assert that it would mirror Yugoslavia or Rwanda, along with its Eritrean masters and military technology suppliers. Members of the Ethiopian diaspora, including Habatamu Ayalew, Andargachew Tsige, Mesay Mekonen, and all gand members and leaders, have contributed to Ethiopia’s decline and continue to do so. Warmongers who could predict Ethiopia’s destiny supported the extermination of Ethiopian ethnic groups by financing genocide like Abebe Belew, Habtamu Ayalew(Ethio 360), Dereje Habteweld(Dere news), and their supporters . Westerners, who have nourished and pampered the ethnic and political differences and aided widen them through a variety of systematic , subtle, and covert tactics, have had a significant influence on the mass killings of Ethiopians by fellow Ethiopians. Therefore, Westerners , foreign mercernaries liek Shabiya, and puppets(bootlickers of ethiopian origin) are competent to predict ethiopian future.
    የተለያዩ ቃላቶች ሕዝባቸውን ወደ እልቂት ከማነሳሳት አልፈው ለዚሁ ለሚመኙት ክፉ ቀን የተቻላቸውን አድርገዋል፥፥ኢኮኖሚስት ና ቦለቲካ ተንታኝ ለማስመሰል ከጌቶቻቸው ነጫጭባዎቹ የሰሙትን እንደገደል ማሚቶ እያስተጋቡ ሕዝቡን ያሸብሩታል፤፤አሸባሪዎች፤፤ሕዝቡ ዳቦ ሰላም እንጂ በዘር ም ሆነ በሌላ ተከፋፍሎ መናቆርን አይሻም፥፥አቶ ጀዋር ና ሀብታሙ አያሌው ሕዝቡን ሰላም ስጡት

  2. what you said, pretending to be Ethiopian the Habtamus, etc are not part of the pro Ethiopia groups, nor the government, they are either on the side of West via Israel as Bete israel, and the Muslim sides currently in power in Ethiopia are on the side of Arabs. West, Israel and Arabs are working against Ethiopia. The Fano if not indiginous and is not independent then Ethiopia will lose. Currently the generals in Endf are muslim, tplf and Shabia generals. They are getting Ethiopians kill one another.


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