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Ethiopia: Red Flag Alert for Genocide (Lemkin Institute )



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As the situation in Ethipoia is morphing into what could be a full fledged ethnic-based war (the government itself is said to have worked to create that image in the Oromo region), there are warning signs that the situation could go out of control and degenerate to a genocide. 

Lemkin Institute, an organization that was created to fill a gap in the global prevention protocols, released red flag alert from genocide in Ethiopia back in April this year – the time when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government started to deploy troops in the Amhara region -, it is still relevant. 

Even ethnic oromo radical ethnic oromo politicians are now seeing the danger of what they have been preaching for. 

Genocide alert from Lemkin institute is featured below : 

“Lemkin Institute for Prevention of Genocide  

Red Flag Alert for Genocide – Ethiopia 

Since April 6th, when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government announced its  intention to integrate all regional special armed forces into the federal forces, Alert for Genocide In light of these recent developments  and the overall escalating violence in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, the Lemkin Institute is  issuing a Red Flag Alert for Genocide for Ethiopia

Since April 6th, demonstrations and unrest have been increasing in Amhara and dozens of  Amhara protesters have been killed, notably in Kombolcha and Bahir Dar, the regional capital. In  the latter, an explosion in a bar killed two individuals and injured many others. Exact figures on  the number of injured and dead remain unknown for the time being due to the turmoil on the  ground and the ongoing clashes. The protesters are concerned about ongoing massacres against  Amhara people, particularly in Oromia, travel restrictions for Amhara citizens, demolitions of  Amhara homes in the capital city of Addis Ababa, and arrests of Amhara leaders by the Abiy  regime. 

The recent announcement by the federal government that they intend to co-opt local Amhara  defense forces into the Ethiopian federal army is feared by Amhara representatives, as it would  leave the region without armed forces capable of defending the inhabitants and therefore  render the overall region at the mercy of hostile neighboring regions and federal armed forces. 

This military restructuring plan is said to be unconstitutional by Amhara authorities, as the  Ethiopian Constitution stipulates that States have the right to “establish and administer a state  police force” (Article 52. (g)).  

Moreover, extreme violence against the Amhara community has been increasing in the Oromia  region. Government armed forces, the Oromia Special Force (OSF), and local armed groups  [the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and Qeerro] continue to target Amhara and to perpetrate  ethnic-based massacres. On February 3, 2023, in its statement on “Ongoing Ethnic Massacres of  the Amhara People in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia”, the Lemkin Institute already warned that  “all Oromia armed forces are conducting what appears to be a systematic policy of erasing the  Amhara presence” via actions such as massacres, looting, burning of their houses, sexual  violence, and other forms of persecution. 

Furthermore, the Catholic Relief Services have announced on Sunday, April 9 that two of their  relief workers have been shot dead in the Amhara region along with two Ethiopian Red Cross  workers. Additionally, the World Food Program has announced that it is halting food deliveries  until further notice due to growing insecurity for its staff, leaving millions of people without  humanitarian aid as the country is plunged more deeply into famine.

The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention urges the Ethiopian Federal Government to halt  the widespread violence against Amhara civilians and demonstrators and, instead, to engage in  peaceful dialogue with the Amhara authorities to find a non-violent way out of the political  crisis. Similarly, we remind the Ethiopian Federal state and its representatives that it is their  responsibility to ensure the security of all Ethiopian citizens as well as of humanitarian  personnel on the ground under the Geneva Conventions and the provisions of the Kampala  Convention. Any act to the contrary represents a serious violation of the international  obligations assumed by the Ethiopia state authorities. 

Ethiopia is facing a possible genocide against Amhara people, who are increasingly finding  themselves marginalized within the existing political structure. The Abiy regime appears to be  fanning the flames of anti-Amhara activities while publicly calling for calm. The Amhara, who  are accused in political propaganda of being an elite group and who are held responsible for the  historical resentments of Tigrayans and Oromos, among other groups, are in a perilous  discursive position that could easily devolve into genocide. The Abiy administration has shown  itself to be capable of committing genocide in Tigray and of pitting regional identity groups  viciously against one another to achieve its agendas. There is no reason to believe it will not do  so in Amhara as well. 

The Lemkin Institute urges members of the regional and international communities immediately  to direct their attention to the situation of the Amhara and to take concrete steps in order to  stop the spread of the clashes and to restore stability in the country lest it escalate and spread  to the wider Horn of Africa region. What is desperately needed is historical dialogue and  accountability. We urge regional and international actors to use all tools at their disposal to  prevent further atrocities against the Amhara people.”


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  1. 1). Isn’t this war in the Amara Zone [AZ] launched by the Putschist Amara Supremacy Resurrection Zombies [PASRZ] who were on Democratically Elected Amara Officials’ Assassination Spree? Was Abiy supposed to applaud their Crime Spree or stop their Crime Spree?

    2). Did Lemkin become another Lobby Firm or does it get its stories from female Amara ‘receptionists’ in Amara Restaurants & Female Amara ‘professionals’ serving the White Supremacist West [WSW] & the ‘International Community’ [UN/WB/IMF/ECA/‘NGOs’/etc]?

    3). Like the TPLF, both the Amara Putschist Front Fanno [APFF] led by the PASRZ Quartet [Eskinder + Zemene + Mihret + Mesafint] and the Oromo Lynching Front Army [OLFA] led by Diriba & Co. take orders & road maps from the same masters→‘Egypt, the WSW, etc.

    4). They ALL wreak havoc killing-looting-displacing Amaras & Oromos to destabilize & bleed Ethiopia bone-dry:
    i). youtu.be/xvv-gCotkVo?t=19
    ii). youtu.be/hpTNt0QRQqA?t=30
    iii). youtu.be/07zObPwWPrA?t=291

  2. Wat is dangerously going on is, two or even three oppositions dangerously fighting each other means mutually destruction and the dissolution of the nation that is currently being implemented by West, Communists and Middle East nations who are funding all sides. That is how it happened When they killed the king, that is what happened when Tplf took over. Ethiopians are still not getting it, or not learning from the past mistakes. So the train began during the take over by Derg, still going until it stops where it is needed and that is the dissolution of Ethiopia. There is many indication now currently, it is towards the end to the happiness of Middle East, West and Communists.

    Even as we speak, Ethiopians fromm all sides are being deceived by the masters who are currently preparing the dessolution of Ethiopia as we speak while the blind Ethiopians are fighting each other started by paid mercinaries in the nation.

    The so called followers of Orthodox have not been demanding the over throw of mercinary Aba Matyas who corrupted the Orthodox church and still you pray for this mercinary Aba Matyas? Who is Aba Abraham, who is wearing Egyptian scarve on his head? Are these really patriarchs or mercinaries? The real Kahn’s have been persecuted by these fake Abas and Tplf/ pp governments. Just like St. George, the followers must remove these mercinaries, bring back the true Orthodox faith by appointing and giving the power to the real Kahn’s, protect it from target, so on. Because money has been introduced into the Sunod, is the reason for the division of the church because, every region want to establish its own synod to milk the followers. The funny thing is, the Orthodox followers, listen to the advice of the mercinary Matyas who uses the institution as private business against the recent debacle of the new appointees, why don’t you ask first if the patriarch is legitimate first who is appointed by the blood sucking which you ousted? Shouldn’t you be ousting Aba Matyas as he is part of Tplf? Any appointment like it used to be, by Merit! Not by political, ethnic or region affiliation.

  3. The Genocide Alert should be escalated to Dangerous levels of Genocide.
    Abiy Ahmed government is deliberately, and systematically attacking, looting, denying medical treatment and slaughtering Amharas just because they are Amhara and Orthodox Christians for 5 years.
    Just few days ago he closed major hospitals in Gonder and Gojjam after pulling out IV/Glucose from sick patients and killing them.
    Numerous proofs are available and documented to verify Abiy Ahmed regime is responsible for committing Amhara Genocide.


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