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Jawar sees the danger of what he preached for. He says looming danger could dwarf what was seen in Rwanda



It has been evident for years now that ethnic tension in Ethiopia has been worsening from time to time.

But the Federal government  led military campaign in Amhara region – at least for for months now –  in the pretext of “disarming fano” has turned out to be a tipping point in the region to the point that people in the region are doing every they can to support Fano in the hope of ending Abiy Ahmed’s region. 

Ethiopia’s defense force pervasive and indiscriminate extrajudicial execution  – and it is enough for the government to suspect that one is the supporter of Fano for executing civilians – is not even intimidating Ethiopians in the Amhara region. 

While the Ethiopian government does not seem to see the danger of intensifying military action in the Amhara region, notable and radical ethnic Oromo politicians seem to be seeing a danger in it.

The radical Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) party under Dawud Ibsa  last week released a statement rejecting a statement that Fano forces are behind recent killings in Oromia region. 

It is in a way disapproving of the campaign against the Amhara region but his organization has a reputation for being one of the anti-ethnic Amhara organizations. 

Jawar Mohammed is one of the few ethnic Oromo radical politicians who had been prominent in inciting ethnic-based violence in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. It is a public knowledge that thousands of ethnic Amhara have been killed in connection with what was said “Jawar’s safety” and due to his contribution in inciting ethnic-hatred including his infamous – “Angetun Bemencha” talk in which he demonstrated how to kill those who are walking in confidence in his village. 

He is now expressing worry that what is looming in Ethiopia is something that dwarfs the Rwandan Genocide. 

Watch what he has to say 

Video : embedded from Ghion News Network youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. What a loosers. You are posting the old speech he gave more than a year ago. You said he incited violence. What an ass holes. You have no evidence that he incided any violence. The Amhara elites and media are the lowest of the lowest who have no moral or conscience to comment about other politicians. Shame on you !


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