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The Mad King Series-Part 1 :Analyzing Delusional Leadership Of Abiy-Positive Thinking Cult& Suffering


By Ethio Chronicles

The international community should recognize that Ethiopia is currently led by a leader displaying erratic and delusional behavior. While they may choose to distance themselves from him, they cannot evade the potential repercussions of his actions. The result could be an unprecedented refugee crisis, impacting regions like Europe and the Middle East in ways never before witnessed.

Abiy Ahmed’s leadership is characterized by its erratic and delusional nature, marked by an inflated sense of self-importance, and it is placing Ethiopia in a precarious position. The prevalence of a cult-like emphasis on positive thinking is pushing the country towards the edge of a cliff. It’s important to clarify that the criticism isn’t against positive thinking itself, as it can be a valuable mindset. However, when positive thinking reaches a point where it denies the reality and becomes detached from the harsh experiences of millions of Ethiopians, it poses serious risks.

Abiy has turned a blind eye to the widespread suffering experienced by ordinary Ethiopians on a daily basis. He has failed to acknowledge the pervasive poverty that plagues the nation, perhaps because confronting it would demand substantial effort and solutions he appears incapable of providing. Instead, he chooses to invest in extravagant projects like a $15 billion palace, while the entire nation languishes in poverty. This disconnect between his lavish spending and the dire circumstances of the population underscores the troubling nature of his leadership.

Abiy’s response to the nation’s atrocities and bloodshed, like suggesting planting trees on graves, has raised concerns about his lack of emotional connection and urgency when addressing the suffering of Ethiopians over the past five years. It underscores the need for Ethiopia to have a leader who is not only capable of solving problems but also empathetic and responsive to the harsh realities faced by its citizens.

Positive thinking is a valuable mindset in many situations, but when applied to individuals who are hungry, sick without access to medical care, thirsty, or homeless, it can seem detached from their immediate needs. Abiy’s focus on encouraging the poor to imagine a better future instead of actively addressing their pressing problems can be seen as a misalignment of priorities. For more, check Ethio Chronicles

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