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Ethiopian Opposition parties say ruling regime betrayed trust, hope of the people

Ethiopian Opposition _ sept 22
Ethiopian opposition during a joint press conference in Addis Ababa in July this year (Photo : file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) – Five opposition political parties said  in a joint statement issued yesterday that the Prosperity Party (PP), which seized power by apologizing for all the mistakes made during the era of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has betrayed the trust and hope of the Ethiopian people.

The opposition parties that include All Ethiopian Unity Organization, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party, Mother Party, Amhara Gionawi Movement and One Ethiopian Democratic Party called, in their joint statement, for an immediate end to the mass killings and drone attacks being perpetrated by the government forces against innocent citizens in Amhara Region.

According to the parties, the only way to resolve problems is through “discussions and negotiations”. Therefore, the government should take the lead and submit a request for negotiation, they said. They have also asked the government forces to immediately leave and stop using schools and higher learning institutions as military camps.

The opposition parties called on the immediate release of citizens that have been languishing in unknown mass concentration camps located in various parts of the country. They also asked international organizations to put pressure on the government to observe the international laws of war and the Geneva Convention to resolve disputes through negotiations.

The parties said in their joint statement that the ruling Prosperity Party would be held accountable historically, morally and legally for the worst damage done to the country due to its attempts to solve problems by force. 


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  1. Okay, I see All Ethiopian Unity Organization, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party, Mother Party, Amhara Gionawi Movement and One Ethiopian Democratic Party cited here accusing the regime of dereliction of duties it is hired for. But they left the three largest parties in the country I founded in 1901. They are The Black Mane Lion Party, The Ethiopian Red Wolf Party and The Gelada Monkey Constitutional Front Party. What is that Amhara Gionawi thing? What does it mean? I demand my parties are also mentioned here. If not I will put the whole country on sale for the highest bidders region by region. I’m gonna give el-Sisi the entire region that includes the GERD dam along with the inhabitants for a dish of the scrumptious halawa and baklava. I mean the entire 35 million ‘abd’s’ (niggers) there. I will sell the entire eastern region up to and including the Awash River along with 45 million ‘khdamis'(subservient niggers) to my Wahhabi buddies of the Gulf. The western and southern part of the country has a highest bidder already and I sold that to my longtime buddies The White Citizens Council and The Grand Wizard of the KKK for a brand new Fiat 500 and they will get the balance of the population of about 50 million. All sales are final with no refund or objection from the sold ‘items’. Problem solved!!!!

    • There is no so-called “Mother Party.” It is a mahibrekidisan (satanic poisonous organization) playing religious cards and igniting violence within the church, stealing its resources under the pretext of alms for the needy. It is just like goons from the TPLF and Fanno supporters living outside and stealing from GoFundMe, collected for the displaced and hunger-stricken children of Oromia, Amhara, and Tigray.

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  3. Subject: “Ethiopian Opposition parties say ruling regime betrayed trust, hope of the people” https://www.borkena.com.
    September 22, 2023

    a) And so goes the sugar – coated accusations among accelerating parties !!!!
    b) Eventually the beautiful, ancient, name of the country will be discarded i.e. THE BEAUTIFUL ETHIOPIA .
    c) Dear Readers, Dear Scholars of the Highest Enviable Order: HOW DO YOU FEEL, NOW ?!?!?!?!

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