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 Oromo Liberation Front accuses Ethiopian gov’t over massacre, heinous crimes 

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) disclosed in a statement it released on current national issues that the incumbent government would be held accountable for the mass killings and heinous crimes that are being carried out in the country.

“Lives of innocent citizens are being mowed down every day in the mass killings and massacres perpetrated by the irresponsible army of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP),” OLF said in its statement.

The Front said that the country’s defence forces, which have been deployed in the western part of Oromia, East Wollega Zone, have carried out horrific massacres against innocent people under the cover name, Fano.

OLF has reportedly found out the truth  from various sources that from 13 September to 15, 2023, for three consecutive days several people were massacred in an attack inflicted by a wing of the defence army, specially known as commando force, in Gida-Ayana Woreda of East Wollega Zone.

On 13 September 2023, four soldiers of the National Defence Force went into a house as guests to pass the night in Anger-Gutn Woreda. Then on the following day, the soldiers killed the entire family members for no reason and left the area, the statement indicated.

OLF said in its statement that on 14 September 2023, the Defence Force opened fire on innocent people, killing two and seriously injuring two young men in Burqa Soruma Kebele, Kiremu Woreda, at a special place called Quye.

“The worst and most horrible attack was perpetrated on 15 September 2023, when innocent people who were on their way to Gida-Ayana Wereda from Nekemte Town and Anger-Gutn Wereda were disembarked from a vehicle and gunned down at a place called Dicho.,” the statement indicated.

The Front confirmed that 31 innocent people have died in this killing so far. There are many mothers among the unfortunate dead individuals and over 11 were seriously injured and admitted to the hospital.

OLF indicated that there are brothers among the dead and members of a family were killed the same day by the government security forces in Kersa Kebele of Jeddah Wereda. 

“Massacring innocent citizens every day for the mere reason of extending one’s power is a serious crime,” OLF said adding that, “The PP-led government will never escape accountability for the mass killing of citizens across the country in these five years”.

Condemning the accursed and barbaric actions perpetrated against the innocent citizens every day, OLF called on the international human rights organizations to denounce the act and pressurize the system to stop the violence it is inflicting against innocent compatriots in various parts of the country. 


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  1. Subject: “Oromo Liberation Front accuses Ethiopian gov’t over massacre, heinous crimes” September 21, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 21 09 2023
    ———-THE END——–

  2. Justice must be served and those in the Ethiopian army responsible for the wholesale murder of innocent civilians must be held accountable. Military leaders need to stop ordering the murder of defenseless civilians in the name of OLA, Fanno, etc.

    ————–Mass killings of innocent civilians must stop ——————–

  3. Oh yeah what did olf do since 1991, with tplf until today killed over 3 millions. Olf received the baton from Tplf since it took power from tplf and continued killing Ethiopians . The fake pp government kept watching on killing spree by Olf until it realized pp government was going to be exposed by it’s collaboration with Olf and may now be targeting the Olf. It is very still puzzling why pp government allowed the Arab-Egypt trained Tplf and Olf to enter literally through the airport knowing these were trained terrorist. Why pp government allowed Olf father’s, Lencho Letta, Dawd Ibsa, Jawar into the country knowing full well they are terrorists and want to disintegrate Ethiopia. So many questions to answer the suspicion of this pp government itself. What happened to Engineer Sinegnew? Why pp government from the get go did not quickly eliminate the leaders of Tplf, still till this day are running on spree.


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